What is Flicker Free Lighting?

What is Flicker Free Lighting?
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What is Flicker Free Lighting?

Flicker free lighting is often an OH&S requirement for offices, schools, medical practises and more due to the adverse reactions flicker can cause.

When talking about flicker, we are referring to unsteadiness or rapid fluctuations in brightness of a light. We can see this unsteadiness up to 50-60 times per second. If the fluctuations are over 60, we cannot see them with the naked eye however you may perceive objects having a trail or vertical streaking lines in photos.

The benefits of Flicker Free LEDs is evident in studies over a range of spaces, in this video we look at why flicker free lighting is important and its benefits in specific situations.  

Here at JH Market we have a wide range of flicker-free lights, our JinHang 40w and Lite Lighting panels are all flicker free, and we also have a flicker free downlight range which includes our JinHang 10W Blue Light Reduction Downlight.

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