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Why Choose JH Market Ceramic Cooktops:

  • Fast and reliable heating
  • Child lock
  • Safety off switch
  • Touch control
  • 9 power settings
  • Warranty backed
  • ...

    At JH Market, our electric cooktops are stylish, reliable and safe. Our electric cooktops come with a child lock and safety switch to ensure the end user’s safety. Our cooktops are convenient as they are touch controlled, they have 9 power settings to choose from, and are easy to clean and maintain.

    Our ceramic cooktops are crafted by Midea, a global company that specialises in home kitchen appliances. Midea aims to deliver the best home solutions, including cooktops, to every family.

    Our electric cooktops are protected with Midea’s Warranty & Replacement Policy. You can contact Midea on 1300 726 002 or email or for more information.

    Our electric cooktops are designed to match a variety of kitchen spaces, and are sleek and modern in design.

    Our customer favourite ceramic cooktop:

    Midea Ceramic Cooktop High Efficiency-8400W

    This ceramic cooktop is highly efficient, saving the end user money. It has a sleek design, which allows it to suit any interior design style, as well as making it easy to clean as there are no grooves for food and dirt to get stuck in.

    This ceramic cooktop is reliable and comes with a warranty provided by Midea. It has many safety functions including child locks and a safety off switch.

    Buy these ceramic cooktops online here.

    Purchasing ceramic cooktops online can be difficult, here are some helpful things to consider when buying ceramic cooktops online.

    Gas Cooktop, Electric Cooktop, Induction Cooktop or Ceramic Cooktop?

    Choosing a new cooktop can be extremely difficult, especially when purchasing cooktops online that you can't see in person. Narrowing down which cooktop; gas, electric, ceramic or induction to choose is the first decision to make. Depending on the style of the house and kitchen, and the cooking habits of the end user, the best cooktop to use may vary.

    Gas cooktops are typically cheaper and work with any cookware, however can be considered less safe than other options since it uses gas. Electric cooktops are great at low to mid temperatures, but can be slower to heat up to a high temperature. Induction cooktops are safe to touch and energy efficient, however, they require special cookware in order for it to work. Ceramic cooktops, which we offer, have smooth surfaces, making them extremely easy to clean. Ceramic cooktops can be scratched fairly easily, so it’s important to choose cookware that won't scratch the ceramic cooktop. Ceramic cooktops are also great for placing serving bowls if there is no countertop space. This makes ceramic cooktops great for those who have limited space in their kitchen. You can buy our ceramic cooktops online and have peace of mind that you are purchasing the lowest price on the market.