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JH Market offers a catalogue of power boards, including desk power outlets and USB power outlets. These electric devices have versatile applications and have the standard installation connection system.

Power boards, multi-plugs, desk power outlets, and USB power outlets are electrical sockets mounted onto a portable case that lets you plug multiple appliances into a single electrical outlet. These appliances are also called electrical portable outlet devices (EPODs).

Power boards usually have multiple electrical outlets or sockets where you can plug in electrical devices, like computers, chargers, and lamps. The power board is connected to a power outlet on a wall and serves as an extension of that outlet, giving you more space to plug in your electrical appliances.


Power boards come with additional safety features. Some power boards have surge protection, which prevents damage to your electrical devices in case of electrical surges or spikes. Other power boards have built-in switches or buttons to simultaneously turn off all connected electrical appliances to save energy when the devices are not in use.

On the other hand, desk power outlets are small devices that provide electrical outlets directly on or near a desk or workspace. These desk power outlets allow you to plug in and power your electric appliances while working.

JH Market’s Bachmann Under Desk Power with USB and Ethernet Interface desk power outlet can be mounted or installed on a cutout in a desk. The device has multiple electrical sockets, like a USB and ethernet port, so you can plug in and power several devices simultaneously.

Using a desk power outlet, you can also connect your laptop, desktop, charger, or any electrical device without having to stretch cords across desks or reach for a far wall outlet. These outlets also help keep your workspace neat and organised by minimising cord clutter.

Here are some common areas where desk power outlets can be used:

  • Offices
  • Home offices
  • Study areas
  • Libraries

Meanwhile, USB power outlets, also called USB wall outlets or USB charging ports, like the Bachmann Embedded Power with USB Interface, have built-in USB ports alongside the traditional power outlets.

These USB ports in USB power outlets can directly charge devices like tablets and smartphones without needing a separate adapter or charger.

USB power outlets usually resemble electrical outlets found on walls but with additional USB ports integrated into the design. USB power outlets are also installed in the same way as regular outlets and are connected to the electrical wiring of the building.

USB power outlets can be installed in homes, offices, hotels, and airports.

Typically, power boards have built-in safety features like a residual current device (RCD), also called a “safety switch,” which will automatically cut off power when an electrical fault between live conductors and the earth occurs.

It can also have a surge protector that prevents electric devices from being damaged by electrical surges and shuttered socket outlets, which prevent children from inserting foreign objects inside of them.

How to choose power outlets

Choosing the best power outlets for your needs can be confusing and overwhelming due to the wide array of options in the market. Below are some considerations when selecting power outlets, desk power outlets, or USB power outlets.

Know if you need AFCI or GFCI outlets.

Most power outlets have a built-in safety device: outlets AFCI and GFCI outlets.

AFCI or arc fault circuit interrupter outlets help protect homes or building from electrical fires. These power outlets have a small breaker that trips when it detects a hazardous arc.

These electrical arcs produce heat that can catch fire in building insulation, framing, and other building materials in a home or building.

Meanwhile, a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter outlet protects individuals from electrocution. These power outlets contain a small circuit breaker that trips if it detects a short circuit.

JH Market offers high-quality electrical products, like power outlets, that reach Australian standards at the lowest prices. You can choose from our extensive collection of leading international and Australian electrical suppliers.