Elevate your business with smart home switches

Home Automation is Your Next Smart Business Move - Here's Why.

It’s predicted that by 2027, the Australian Smart Home Market will be a 6.49 billion dollar industry. This prediction shows an incredibly large growth compared to the industry being at 2.83 billion dollars in 2020.

This growth means significant business opportunities for sparkies. Keep reading for a more detailed look at all things home automation.

1 month ago
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Choice Discount Store Lighting Upgrade Banner

Lighting Upgrade for Cost Efficiency

Choice Discount Store wanted to expand 8 stores while maximising cost efficiency. Their main concern was creating a functional and aesthetic lighting solution while having less draw on AC. 

2 months ago
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Government Grants for Small Businesses 2022 - Blog Banner

Government Grants for Tradies 2022

JH Market has compiled the key takeaways that may affect our tradies, business owners and their families with the recent federal government budget announcement for 2022-2023. This will also include current initiatives that you may find useful.

2 months ago
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Banner for China's Covid Outbreak to Cause Delays Blog

China’s Covid Outbreak to Cause Stock Delays and Availabilities

With a recent outbreak of Covid-19 in a northeastern province in China, factories have been ordered to shut down, and tens of millions of citizens are in lockdown. Due to China’s zero-Covid strategy, closures are occurring across China to contain the virus. 

The restrictions in China are likely to cause delays in stock across the lighting industry in Australia, as many businesses in the affected areas have been closed.

3 months ago
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NECA and JH Market Partnership

NECA x JH Market Exciting New Partnership

JH Market is excited to improve the future of the electrical industry with a new partnership with NECA Victoria, the largest industry body that represents the interests of electrical and communications contractors across Australia. 

Win more jobs and improve your margins with NECA Victoria and JH Market. 

6 months ago
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Emerex Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emerex Emergency & Exit Lighting

Learn all about Emerex's emergency lighting solutions, their ‘One Box Solution’ exit signs, high performance LED technology, various mounting options and more!

8 months ago
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Port strikes will cause delays nationwide

Port strikes to cause delays across Australia

Strikes will take place nationwide on ports against Australia’s leading container terminal operator, Patrick. There will be work stoppages in Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle for 12 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout October . 

9 months ago
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What is low URG?

What is Low UGR?

What is Low UGR? Read this blog with a short 1:30 min video to learn how to keep customer's satisfied with low URG lighting solutions. 

9 months ago
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Tennis Court Lighting

LED Tennis Court Lighting

Read this blog to learn the key considerations when designing tennis court lighting solutions, including standards, configuration and costs associated with setting up and maintaining the lighting solution.

9 months ago
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Account Manager

Account Managers

JH Market provides access to dedicated Account Managers - watch the quick video to find out more. 

9 months ago
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