About Us

Jinhang is a lighting and electrical manufacturing and wholesale business, exclusively for trade customers. Established in 1996, we now have sales teams, warehousing and distribution centres located across Victoria and Queensland servicing our customers all over Australia.
We believe our core business is collaboration with our partners to provide better products and services for our customers. This means strong, two way working relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers and constant collaboration with industry leaders and market specialists such as the Light Council of Australia. From the biggest business with a fleet of faithful apprentices on the road, to our mate down the road who needs to install a new down light, we provide quality you can Jinhang your hat on!

We collaborate with designers and most importantly our trade customers, to develop a product that makes life a little bit easier for you, whether it be for installation, output or the look.

We collaborate with our Chinese manufacturing facilities to build and deliver these Aussie designed products. We use premium materials and work closely with our partners to leverage the latest manufacturing techniques.

Our goal is to nail it the first time, but sometimes tweaks are needed and we call upon our partners to test and provide feedback and repeat the process until its right.