LED Batten Lights

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Why Choose JH Market LED Batten Lights:

  • Varied sizing - allowing you to retrofit and fully cover pre-existing holes
  • Tri colour options - variety of applications
  • Wiring options back and side
  • Flicker Free
  • Slim line - aesthetic option for residential installations
  • Reliable - minimum 3yr warranty - less call backs
  • Competitive pricing
  • ...
  • Long lifespan - minimum 30,000 hours
  • User friendly (easy installation)

Our customer favourites

2nd Gen Integrated Weatherproof Double Batten
  • 36 Watt
  • Tri Colour (3000k, 4000k & 5,700k)
  • IP65 (Weatherproof)
  • CRI80
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 50,000 Hour Life Span
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It's hard to miss batten lights in your day-to-day life. They're often mounted onto ceilings or walls, and used in many places including garages, emergency stairwells, offices, car parks and bus stops. Many batten lights today are fluorescents, and need to be switched to LED batten lights.

LED batten lights provide a stylish, modern alternative to old fluorescent batten lights. LED batten lights often have a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent battens, and are more energy efficient, meaning cuts on maintenance costs and energy bills; as well as being more environmentally friendly. Old fluorescent battens, unlike LED batten lights, contain mercury and are often made out of glass; meaning a broken fluorescent batten can be extremely hazardous. LED batten lights also provide a bright and evenly distributed light.

How to choose LED batten lights?

IP rating

The IP rating refers to how suitable the LED batten lights are for indoor and outdoor use. If you're installing batten lighting outdoors or in a workshopping garage, installing LED weatherproof battens (IP65) will provide high level protection from water and dust. IP20 will provide suitable protection if installing LED batten lights indoors only. Choosing LED weatherproof battens from your LED light supplier will provide you with the flexibility for indoor or outdoor use.

Colour temperature of LED batten light

For installing LED batten lighting in working environments, a temperature 5000k or more is recommended, as it emits a natural white light that can help you stay alert and active. If you're installing the LED batten light indoors, around 4000k is recommended as it creates warm, ambient atmosphere.

Size of LED batten light

The size of your LED batten lights is important to ensure it fits into your space and provides sufficient lighting, without dominating the room. It's also important to consider maintenance costs. Buying a LED batten light in a size commonly sold by LED light suppliers will be easier and cheaper to replace when needed, as they are more mass produced and therefore easier to source.

Integrated LED batten lights

An integrated LED batten light is a lighting fixture with one or two slim, light-weight LEDs built in. They are much easier to replace compared to fluorescent batten lights as you replace the light and the fitting all in one, also saving on installation costs.

CRI of LED batten light

On a scale of 1-100, with the sun being 100, most LED batten lights and LED weatherproof batten lights have a rating of around 80. This is similar to natural sun light and therefore makes everything look more vibrant, and can improve focus and general health and wellbeing.

JH Market is proud to be one of the leading high quality, affordable LED light suppliers in Australia. Our LED batten lights and LED weatherproof batten lights come in a range of colour temperatures, suitable for different uses; and have a long lifespan, meaning less money spent on installation fees. Our LED batten lights and LED weatherproof batten lights are also recyclable, unlike fluorescent batten lights, which end up in landfill. They need to be properly disassembled, and dropped off at your local plastics, metal and electrical recycling centre.