LED Tracklights

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Why choose JH Market as your LED Tracklight Supplier

  • Emergency LED tracklight options
  • Adjustable options
  • Low UGR options
  • Easy to install new and retrofit
  • Our LED tracklights are suitable for a variety of applications including:

  • Retail stores
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Museums, galleries and exhibition halls
  • Residential spaces, especially kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Our customer favourite LED tracklights:

    Rafe 12W Track Light Dimmable 4000K Black

    This Rafe LED tracklight has URG<19, and is dimmable. The spot can be swivelled 350° horizontally, adjusted 45° downwards and 18° upwards. This LED tracklight is well suited to be installed in retail stores and comes in black and white. Shop Now

    Emerex 3W Emergency Track Light 5700K Black

    This Emerex LED tracklight is a non-maintained emergency LED tracklight that remains off until there is a power outage. It is track mountable, has low energy consumption and is 5700k cool daylight colour. There is a lifetime warranty on the LED lamp, making this emergency LED tracklight a reliable and safe choice. This LED tracklight is available in white and black to suit any interior. Shop Now

    DGT Track Light 10W 3000K 24D Black

    This DGT LED tracklight has a high lumens per watt, and a 24° beam angle. It is easy to install new, or to retrofit. The head is adjustable and it is dimmable, making it a great lighting solution for a variety of applications. This LED tracklight comes in white and black options, and 3000k and 4000k options.Shop Now

    LED tracklighting is a customisable and user friendly lighting solution that is perfect for a variety of projects. LED tracklights can be used for task, decorative, ambient and spot lighting. LED tracklights are great for commercial and residential spaces.

    Buying LED track lights online can be difficult, but we’re here to help.

    How to choose LED tracklights:

    Colour Temperature of LED Tracklight

    The colour temperature of your LED tracklight is important depending on your desired application, look and feel. A 3000k LED tracklight emits a warm white light, and can help create a welcoming and calm atmosphere. It is well suited for creating ambience in restaurants, cafes and hotels. A 4000k neutral white LED tracklight and a 5000k cool white LED tracklight is great for making a space look clean and bright. These LED tracklights are well suited to be installed in bright, modern retail spaces. A 5700k and 6000k LED tracklight emit a light close to natural daylight, with 5700k being slightly cooler toned. These LED tracklights are great for showcasing true colours, and are well suited for museums, galleries, exhibitions and retail stores.

    It is easy to change the colour temperature of your current LED tracklights, as you can simply replace the lights on the current track bar, without having to replace and rearrange the entire setup.

    LED Tracklight Accessories

    To install a linear LED tracklight, a simple and straight track bar will suffice. These can be stacked end to end to create the illusion of one long LED track with the help of a straight joiner.

    A T-connector or L connector can create a variety of layouts such as squares and grids. LED tracklights can also be suspended using wires. Attaching end caps at the end of a track bar can finish off LED tracklights and give them a sleek and professional look.

    Purchasing accessories from your LED tracklight supplier is a great way to enhance, or change up any space.

    JH Market is a trusted LED tracklight supplier that guarantees high quality and lowest prices. Buy tracklighting online here, visit us in store, or call our knowledgeable sales team.