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Why you should buy smoke alarms from JH Market:
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Stand alone / wired or wireless interconnectable
  • Robust design for optimum performance and resilience
  • ActivFire certified, adheres to AS3786:2014
  • ...

    At JH Market, we offer a large range of smoke alarms. Our range of smoke alarms includes photoelectric smoke alarms, wireless baseplate smoke alarms, heat alarms and well suited accessories. You can buy smoke alarms online and in-store at JH Market. Below is a closer look at our range of smoke alarms, as well as our most popular and smart smoke detector.

    Photoelectric smoke alarms

    Photoelectric smoke sensors use a light beam to detect the presence of smoke. Photoelectric smoke alarms are highly effective at alerting people of fires when the fire originates from a smouldering source, for example a match falling on carpet.

    Photoelectric smoke alarms vs ionisation smoke alarms

    Photoelectric smoke alarms can detect visible particles associated with smouldering fires, for example, smoke particles, sooner than ionisation smoke alarms. However, ionisation smoke alarms may respond faster to flaming fires compared to photoelectric smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms are newer than ionisation smoke alarms and are more sensitive to detecting large smoke particles, which is why many households can be seen making the switch to photoelectric smoke sensors.

    Heat alarms

    Heat alarms give off a warning when there is an increase in temperature. Heat alarms pair well with smoke sensors, as heat alarms can be an early detection of fire however, will not alert to actual fumes and smoke caused by fires.

    Our most popular photoelectric smoke alarms

    PSA 240V Photoelectric Smoke Alarm With 9V Battery Back-up

    The PSA photoelectric smoke alarms are the perfect smoke sensor solution for residential and commercial spaces. These photoelectric smoke alarms feature the latest photoelectric technology, 9V battery back up, test/hush function and have an insect screen over the sensor chamber. These smart smoke detectors have an anti-tamper feature, making them perfect for commercial spaces including offices, airports, stations and department stores. These photoelectric smoke sensors can operate as single or inter-connect with up to 24 units.

    These photoelectric smoke alarms have an easy slide base plate, making them easy and convenient to install and maintain. These PSA photoelectric smoke alarms are also compatible with HG2000 base plates. Thes smart smoke detectors can be wall or ceiling mounted, making them customisable to suit any space, and therefore great to keep on hand for any last minute jobs.

    Our first priority is safety, and these smoke alarms ensure the safety of the people in the areas they’re installed in. These photoelectric smoke alarms are ActivFire certified, and have gone through testing to adhere to AS3786:2014.

    You can buy these smoke alarms online here, visit one of our showrooms, or call our friendly sales team on 1300 000 808. For more information about these smart smoke detectors, click here to view the product’s datasheet, or call our friendly and knowledgeable team on the number above.

    You can buy these smoke alarms online by clicking here.

    These photoelectric smoke alarms come in a convenient 24 piece value pack. Shop the smart smoke detector value pack here.

    With smoke alarms being essential in residential and commercial spaces, and laws ever changing to ensure the safety of Australians, it is important to make sure the smoke sensors you’re installing are high quality, reliable, long lasting, and adhere to Australian safety standards.

    It can be difficult to ensure the quality of your products when you buy smoke alarms online.

    Below are some tips on how to reliably buy smoke alarms online.

    How to buy smoke alarms online

    When you buy smoke alarms online, it’s best to check if they have been tested and certified to adhere to Australian safety standards. If you buy smoke alarms online, it's also great to see the store’s warranty, returns and refund processes, to ensure that if the product is high quality, and if you receive a faulty smoke alarm, you will be able to receive a full refund.

    Another tip for if you buy smoke alarms online is to see if the online store has a physical shop, where you can see the smoke alarms in person, and ask the staff any questions you may have.

    Here at JH Market, we stay up to date on the latest regulations, to make sure when you buy smoke alarms online from us, you will have the best products for the best price.