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Why JH Market Offers the Best Airflow Ceiling Fans :
  • Easy installation
  • Low noise
  • Backdraft on all ducted ceiling fans
  • Air flow fans with inbuilt LED light options
  • ... Our customer favourite airflow fans:

    QXH 200mm Ceiling Exhaust Fan Round White Ball Bearing Motor

    This airflow ceiling fan is low noise and consumes little energy, making this an environmentally friendly airflow solution to a variety of spaces. This air flow fan has a ball bearing motor and is RCM compliant. It provides a smooth operation and has a long lifespan. This airflow ceiling fan is perfect for bathrooms and toilets.

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    Matrix Ceiling Duct Fan 100mm 30W

    This ducted ceiling fan comes with a backdraft and mounting accessories included. It has embedded thermal protection and smooth air flow. This ducted ceiling fan’s motor is crafted with pure copper coils, making it built to last.

    This ceiling duct fan is low noise, and is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and offices.

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    JH Market’s air flow ceiling fans are crafted to fit perfectly into ceilings or onto walls. Our air flow fans are great to be installed in a variety of spaces, including bathrooms, toilets and laundries. Our air flow fans can be installed in residential spaces, apartment blocks, and commercial spaces.

    The best airflow ceiling fans:

  • Remove contamination such as smells, moisture and dirt from the air
  • Promote air circulation
  • Remove cool / warm air
  • At JH Market, we pride ourselves on offering the best airflow ceiling fans that are high quality and reliable, while being the lowest price on the market.

    There are 3 types of air flow fans at JH Market.

    Ceiling Exhaust Fans

    Our ceiling exhaust fans are perfect to be installed in any area of the home, including bathrooms and toilets. Since ceiling exhaust fans suck air up and push it into a roof space, it is important to ensure there is sufficient space in the roof before installing ceiling exhaust fans.

    Ducted Ceiling Exhaust Fans

    Ducted ceiling exhaust fans are ideal for large homes and apartment lots that have no roof space. The ceiling duct fan sucks the air through a duct, which pushes the air outside. If you have a long run of duct to get outside, you can install our in-line fans.

    In-line Fans

    In-line fans help exhaust fans push the air out faster over a long distance. In-line fans are great to purchase alongside ceiling duct fans for any upcoming apartment jobs.

    Considerations to ensure you get the best airflow ceiling fans:

    Size of fan in air flow fan

    The size of the fan in the airflow fans is important as you want to ensure the fan is large enough to clean the space it’s installed in. A smaller airflow fan is great for studies, bedrooms, toilets and laundries, whereas a larger airflow fan is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and retail stores.

    Size of duct on ducted ceiling fans

    For small areas such as toilets and bedrooms, a 100mm duct on ducted ceiling fans is ideal. For larger spaces such as bathrooms and retail stores, a 150mm duct on ceiling duct fans is ideal.

    Backdraft on ducted ceiling fans

    Having a backdraft on your ceiling duct fans is important for the health and safety of those in the space. A backdraft prevents outside air and bugs from entering the area. All ducted ceiling fans at JH Market have a backdraft, making them a safe and healthy option for installing in any area.

    Grille shape on air flow fan

    Our ceiling airflow fans’ grille shape comes in round, which is perfect for any application. The round shape gives a classic look that blends into many spaces. Our ducted ceiling fans come with square grilles which are great for making a space look clean and modern.

    The grilles on our air flow fans can be easily removed and washed.