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Outdoor LED wall lights are a great way to add an extra layer of ambience to your outdoor space. LED wall lights are also a great outdoor security solution and pair well with other home or office security systems such as sensor lights and security cameras.


At JH Market, you’ll be sure to get outdoor wall lights that suit any application. You can buy outdoor wall lights in different colours, shapes, wattages, colour temperatures and more. Depending on your space, you can choose from grey and black outdoor LED wall lights. Against a dark background, if you buy outdoor wall lights that are white or grey, they can stand out more in the daytime, and become more of a feature light. Black outside wall lights will blend in more if installed on a dark surface.

Our range of outside wall lights includes warm, neutral, cool and tricolour colour temperature options. Warm white LED wall lights are great for providing ambience in an outdoor space,and are perfect for gardens or outdoor dining areas. Cool white LED wall lights are great for security purposes, or for when clearer vision is required, for example carports and driveways. You can shop our warm white LED wall lights here, neutral white LED wall lights here, cool white LED wall lights here, and tricolour LED wall lights here.

Below is a look at our popular outdoor LED wall lights.

JinHang 24W Double LED Sensor Wall Light V2 6000K

These outdoor wall lights have an inbuilt high sensitivity microwave sensor, so it’s perfect for security purposes and for home entrances. With an IP54 rating, these LED wall lights are able to be installed outdoors. There are various wattage, colour temperature and colour options for these outside wall lights as well.

Shop these LED wall lights here.

ESPL GL18207 13W Outdoor Wall Light 3000K

These LED wall lights are a stylish lighting solution for homes and are well suited for a variety of applications including porches, driveways and gardens. These outdoor wall lights come in a variety of colour temperatures, wattage options, and styles, allowing them to seamlessly be installed in any space. Warm white outdoor LED wall lights, like these, are great at creating an inviting atmosphere to homes. These outdoor LED wall lights are IP65 rated and are anti-corrosion, meaning they can withstand the sometimes harsh Australian climate.

Shop these outdoor LED wall lights href="https://jh.market/espl-gl18207-13w-outdoor-wall-light.html>here.

There are some key considerations to be aware of when you buy outdoor wall lights. To be suitable for outdoor use, you should check the IP rating before you buy outdoor wall lights. If the IP rating is too low, the outside wall lights might get damaged during rain, and wind can cause small debris to damage the LED wall lights also. At JH Market, you can buy outdoor wall lights with high IP ratings, such as IP65, providing you peace of mind when installing them, especially for security purposes.

It’s also important to consider the application of the outdoor LED wall lights. If you’d like to create a relaxed and/or inviting atmosphere, having dimmable LED wall lights could be more suitable. Dimmable outside wall lights allows you to adjust the brightness of your lights to your choice. At JH Market, we have dimmable outdoor wall lights as well as non-dimmable, which can be a more cost effective option if you’re set on the brightness of your LED wall lights.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about any of our LED wall lights! With our price beat guarantee, if you find comparable motion sensor lights at a lower price we’ll beat it by 10%!