LED Shoplights

Why Choose JH Market Commercial LED Shop Lights:

  • High wattage
  • Dimmable options
  • UGR options
  • User friendly
  • Long lifespan ...
JH Market commercial shop lighting can be used in places including:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Museuns abd galleries
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels and apartments

Commercial shop lighting is great for enhancing spaces and can have many benefits.

Commercial LED shop lighting can make a space look more inviting and visually appealing, optimise store layout, increase staff productivity and highlight key features.

Our Customer Favourite Commercial LED Shop Lights:

Rafe 35W Shop Light 6000K

  • UGR<22
  • Flicker Free
  • Tri Colour, suitable for a variety of applications
  • Dimmable
  • Wide spread of light
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Recessed style
  • This commercial shop light is well suited for shopping centres, hotels and museums. When purchasing for these spaces, it is important that your commercial shop lights come from a trusted shoplights wholesaler. You can purchase this shoplight online here.

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How to choose commercial LED Shop Lights:

Colour Temperature of Commercial LED Shop Lights:

It is important to consider the desired look and feel you want the commercial shop downlights to achieve, as the colour temperature of commercial shop downlights can have a significant impact on an area. A 3000k warm white commercial shop light is great for mood and ambient lighting, and is great for retail stores and restaurants. A 4000k neutral white commercial shop light gives a clean look, without appearing too blue or cool. This is great for spaces you want looking bright and tidy.

A 6000k daylight commercial shop light is the closest you can get to natural sunlight, and is perfect for changing rooms, supermarkets, galleries and museums.

A neutral white and daylight commercial shop light can also enhance productivity and alertness in staff.

Dimmable Shop Lights:

Dimmable shop lights allow you to choose the exact level of brightness to perfectly suit any environment. This is great for creating mood lighting in retail stores, restaurants and bars. Purchasing a dimmable shop light allows you to keep them on hand for any potential jobs, as dimmable shop lights provide flexibility as they can be dimmed to any level to suit any space. Dimmable shop lights also require less energy when dimmed, therefore saving money on electricity bills.

Visual Merchandising & Lighting Application:

It is important to consider the type of commercial shop light and installation style for each area of a shop.

For point of sales (POS) / register lighting, it is important that the staff can see their transactions clearly. Having a bright, but anti-glare light in this area will keep the staff’s eyes protected from glare off the computer screens. Impulse purchases are also made in this area, so well-lit POS and register lighting can also increase last minute sales.

To create an ambient atmosphere throughout a space, having a 3000k warm white light flushed against a wall can achieve this. Dimmable lights are also great for creating a welcoming space. Ambient commercial LED shop lighting can also help make accent lighting stand out.

Accent lighting is great for highlighting key areas, such as artwork, signs, such as sale signs and key products, such as on sale clothing. A great way to do this is by focusing the light directly onto the desired accent area. It is important that the accent area and lighting is easily visible to the customers to draw them into the store and closer to the accented space. If there are many areas that want to be highlighted, it is ideal to not make the light too bright, as that can be overwhelming to the customers; and instead focus on a few key featured items.

To ensure customers get an accurate representation of the products they’re shopping for, especially in supermarkets and changing rooms; bright, 6000k daylight, high CRI commercial shop lights are a great choice. This will help the area look as close to natural sunlight, making the products more flattering and appealing.

It is important to sufficiently light the shop for safety reasons, but also to direct the customer’s journey in your desired direction. This is great for shops with aisles, such as supermarkets, or shops with multiple levels. Wayfinding commercial LED shop lights are great for helping customers find exits, toilets, and for leading them to certain areas in a store, such as the sales section. Installing medium wattage small commercial shop downlights are great for directing customers around a space.

CRI of Commercial LED Shop Lights:

It can be difficult to purchase commercial LED shoplights online when you can’t see the quality of light emitted. The CRI rating can help ensure a great light when purchasing LED shoplights online. The CRI rating of a commercial LED shop light refers to how ‘true to life’ colours look under the commercial shop light. This is measured on a scale of 1-100, with the sun being 100, therefore the higher the number, the more vibrant and appealing colours under the commercial shop light look. Our rectangle commercial LED shop lights are CRI90, meaning that objects lit by these commercial shop lights appear more vibrant, fresh and realistic. High CRI commercial LED shop lights are great for retail stores, galleries and museums.

It is important to buy your commercial shop lights from a trusted shoplights wholesaler, to ensure they are high quality and long lasting. Purchasing shoplights wholesale from JH Market will provide you with warranty backed, high quality and competitively priced commercial shop lights.