Decorative LED Lights

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Why Choose JH Market Decorative Lights:

With the right decorative lights, you can turn even the dullest looking space into a cosy and welcoming one. Installing decorative LED lights for homes creates a great and stylish point of interest. Decorative lights for homes include LED decorative lights, and decorative wall lights, which are perfect for the bedroom, living room and bathroom. Decorative lights, such as a chandelier, can also be a luxury choice for a grand entrance.


LED decorative lights play a big role in our mood and emotions; and also in how we see the colours and textures around the room.

Architects and designers use decorative light to create a sense of space. The way in which they layer different types of lighting sources can change the feel, colour, texture and contrast levels within any room.

There are three main types of decorative LED lights for homes - ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the base layer of decorative light in houses that provides general light, setting the tone for the area. The LED decorative lights allows you to see and move around more clearly, and often is dimmable, to be suitable for night time.

Ambient LED decorative lights can be incorporated into spaces through:

  • Ceiling mounted decorative lights
  • Pendant LED decorative lights that bounce light off ceilings and walls
  • A customer favourite LED decorative light that is perfect for ambient lighting is our chandeliers.

    Ambient LED decorative lights are especially important to be installed in stairs, to ensure visibility and therefore safety.

    Task Lighting

    Task lighting is decorative lights for a particular task or activity such as puck lights used as reading lights and nightlights.

    Task lighting also includes LED decorative lights for bathroom vanities.

    Accent Lighting Sizing and scale of LED decorative lights:

    A decorative light that’s too big can dwarf an area, and vice versa. If the room is around 3 metres wide, a decorative light that is less than 60cm wide will be the most suitable. If the area is bigger, then your decorative lights can also be sized up. It's good to choose decorative lights from a decorative lights supplier or a decorative LED lights wholesaler that offers various sizing and brightness options, in order to suit a variety of areas. An interior designer, a trusted decorative LED lights wholesaler or decorative lights supplier can help you select the most ideal decorative light for your area.

    Colour temperature:

    Warm LED decorative lights (3000k) creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, great for living rooms and bedrooms. Natural LED decorative lights (around 5000k) is great for bathrooms as emits light close to real sunlight.

    Beam angle:

    The angle of your decorative LED lights for homes is important, especially for task and accent lighting, to ensure the task you want to do has sufficient lighting for it, or the area you want to showcase has a spotlight on it. For ambient lighting, a wide-angle beam for you decorative lighting is recommended. Asking a trusted decorative LED lights wholesaler or decorative lights supplier can be beneficial as they can assist you in selecting the ideal light.