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Why Choose JH Market Outdoor Security Motion Sensors:

  • Weatherproof options - suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Large detection angles
  • Varied styles and sizes
  • Compatible with a variety of outdoor lighting
  • Sleek and modern design ...
Our customer’s favourite outdoor wall mount sensors:

Theben 180D Outdoor Sensor Wall Mount 12M - Black

  • Motion detector
  • 180° detection angle
  • Sensor head can be turned by ± 90° horizontally and by 30° downwards
  • Adjustable brightness switching value and switch-off delay
  • IP55 Rating
  • This wall mount sensor is great as a security light outside residential properties.

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Theben 50W Floodlight Motion Sensor Black

  • Weatherproof (IP66)
  • Spotlight can be turned by 360°
  • This wall mount sensor is great as a security light outside commercial buildings, homes, garages and patios.

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Outdoor sensors are great as they offer an added layer of security to residential and commercial buildings, save on energy costs and are highly convenient.

How to choose outdoor security sensors:

Type of Outdoor Security Motion Sensor:

There are two main types of outdoor motion sensors, passive infrared (PIR) and microwave. PIR motion detectors measure heat levels, and can detect a change in heat when an object emitting heat, for example a person, walks past their sensor field. It is important to ensure when installing outdoor sensor lights with a PIR sensor, that they're not installed near any heat sources, such as heaters or lamps. Microwave outdoor sensors emit waves, which are then reflected back to the receiver and can detect if any signal has been disrupted. Outdoor security sensor lights with a microwave sensor are often extremely sensitive.

Type of Outdoor Light Timer Switch:

Both digital timer switch and electric timer switch can perform the same functions. Electric timer switches are often longer lasting, and can handle higher electrical loads than digital timer switches, however, digital timer switches are often more streamline in form, and therefore blend into the interior design of residential properties better than electric timer switches.

Wattage of Light With Outdoor Motion Sensor:

The wattage of outdoor security motion sensor lights is important as you want to provide the correct amount of brightness and light for the task it’s installed for. Higher wattage outdoor wall mount sensor lights are better for security reasons, as the brighter light can help you see the area clearer. These outdoor security motion sensor lights are better suited for driveways, or for highlighting larger spaces in your back or front yard.

Lower wattage outdoor sensor lights are better for smaller areas, or for creating a more welcoming feel to a space, such as outdoor gardens and outdoor dining areas.

IP Rating of Outdoor Security Sensors:

The IP rating of outdoor security motion sensors refers to how suitable they are to be installed outdoors. An outdoor sensor rated IP44 is water resistant, and is suitable to be installed in areas with minimal water sprays, such as in a bathroom or alfresco. Outdoor sensors with an IP65 or above rating are weatherproof, and can be installed outdoors in the harsh weather. High IP rated outdoor sensors are great to keep on hand for potential upcoming jobs as they are able to be installed indoors or outdoors. Many of our outdoor wall mounted sensors are weatherproof, minimising security risks in residential and commercial properties.

It is great to pair our outdoor motion sensors with 5000-6000k outdoor LED lights, as they provide the highest contrast for our eyes, making it easier and quicker for us to see objects lighted by these outdoor sensor lights.