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Why choose JH Market for your data patch cables:

  • User friendly design and packaging
  • Made from premium, high quality materials
  • Large variety of lengths available - 0.5M - 20M
  • Warranty backed
  • ...

    At JH Market, we supply data patch cords suitable for all networking needs. Our data patch cables are perfect for both residential and commercial installations, and are crafted with high quality materials to ensure their safety and long lifespan.

    Our patch cord cables are polyethylene insulated, twinned, cabled and PVC jacketed which makes them durable and perfect to be used in horizontal and fixed wiring structured computer networks and cabling.

    Our patch cord cables range varies, with data patch cords being suitable for networks operating up to 1 gigabit and other patch cables that are suitable for networds operating up to 100 megabit.

    A customer favourite ethernet patch cable:

    Matrix CAT6 RJ45 Data Patch Cord Blue

    The Matrix CAT6 Data Patch Cord is perfect for networks operating up to 1 gigabit. You can select from our large choice of sizes, ranging from 0.5M to 20M, making these data patch cords tailored to your job requirements. This ethernet patch cable is crafted with solid 23 AWG, premium quality PVC and HDPE insulation, making it durable and long lasting. This data patch cords also has a hooded boot with a shielded plug and has 4 pair Category 6 UTP cable.

    This patch cord cable is ideal to be used in horizontal and fixed wiring in computer networks and structured cabling on Class E links. This patch cord cable is perfect for 10BaseT, 100BaseT and 1000BaseT. This patch cord cable is compatible with our other data and comms products including our data cabinets,data cables, data cable management, data patch panels & jacks and data tools.

    This ethernet patch cable is at market leading prices, is Australian tested and certified, and comes with warranty protection.

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    Ensuring the quality and safety of your data patch cords:

    It is important to ensure your data patch cables are of a high quality and reliable, especially when purchasing the patch cables online. In order to choose the right ethernet patch cable, ensure you are purchasing the patch cables from a reputable and reliable supplier. This can be determined by checking if the electrical cables have been tested in the country, eg. Australia, and have warranty protection. Another check box to determine if you’re purchasing high quality ethernet patch cables is to check what sort of copper is used.

    If the data patch cables are crafted with 100% high quality copper, then the data patch cables are likely to last longer and be safer than lower quality copper.

    Shop our data patch cords online, visit one of our showrooms, or call our friendly sales team on 1300 000 808.