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What are LED work lights used for?

LED worklights are often used on camping trips, outdoor expeditions or for bright task lighting in garages and workshops. The versatility and durability of LED worklights is what makes them a great option for a variety of lighting solutions.


What makes for a good portable LED work light?

Good portable LED work lights are often tick the following boxes:

  • Rechargeable by USB, solar and hand crank
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Emergency SOS light option
  • High light output
  • At JH Market, you can find portable LED work lights that tick some, or even all of these boxes! Some of our rechargeable LED work lights also have additional features such as magnetic bases and phone charging functions.

    Shop a popular rechargeable magnetic work light here.

    What is the benefit of rechargeable LED work lights?

    Having portable LED work lights that are rechargeable means you don't have to rely on batteries while outdoors.

    Do portable LED work lights attract insects?

    Unlike other lighting solutions for outdoors, camping and work lighting, our portable LED work lights don’t attract insects. This is because our LED worklights are low heat.

    Where can I buy LED work lights?

    You can buy LED work lights from a variety of places. If you’re looking to buy LED work lights in store, you can visit one of our showrooms across Australia, or camping and outdoors stores. If you’re looking to buy LED work lights online, you can shop right here, 24/7! It can be difficult to buy LED work lights online while ensuring they’re high quality.

    Here at JH Market, we offer a large range of LED worklights, including rechargeable, magnetic and portable LED work lights. Our rechargeable magnetic work lights have a range of wattage options, so you have the choice to buy LED work lights that best suit your application. Our lower wattage rechargeable LED work lights, such as our 9W and 10W options, are great for lighting up tents and garages. Our higher wattage rechargeable LED work lights, such as our 50W and 100W options, are great to be used outdoors to brightly illuminate your path.

    We also offer rechargeable magnetic work lights with a range of colour temperature options. You can buy LED work lights with 6000K, 6500K, tri colour and emergency SOS colour options.

    Our rechargeable work lights are trialled and tested to ensure they endure the harshest Australian conditions. Our LED worklights are crafted to withstand shocks, vibrations, debris and water. Our rechargeable magnetic work lights are also warranty backed for peace of mind.

    We offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs, depending on how quickly you’d like to receive your rechargeable work lights. You can order rechargeable LED work lights on our website 24/7, and choose to click and collect your rechargeable work lights from any of our stores. Click and collecting your rechargeable magnetic work lights is a great way to ensure you’ll receive the LED work lights quickly. We also offer same day and next day delivery options on rechargeable magnetic work lights for urgent orders. If you’re looking to keep costs down, we offer standard and free delivery options on our rechargeable work lights as well.

    With our price beat guarantee, if you find a comparable rechargeable work light, we’ll beat it by 10%.

    Shop with us for your premium quality portable LED work lights that are suitable for a variety of applications and at market leading prices.