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Why Choose JH Market Electric Towel Racks:
  • Stainless steel
  • Waterproof and rust resistant
  • Surface mount
  • Easy to install
  • Switch with 30 year warranty included in kit
  • Warranty backed
  • Benefits of heated towel racks:

    There are two primary functions of towel warmers. Firstly, they are great for keeping towels warm and cozy, perfect for getting out of the bath or shower on chilly days.


    Heated towel racks also warm up the bathroom itself, making the whole bathroom warmer. A secondary, less known benefit of heated towel racks is that they keep towels and the bathroom from becoming musty, mouldy and smelly.

    Heated towel warmers also help eliminate odors, keeping the bathroom smelling refreshing and clean.

    Our customer favourite towel warmer rack:

    KG 7 Bars Electric Heated Towel Rack Black Round Kit

    This towel warmer is crafted with 304-grade stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant, easy to clean and long lasting.

    This electric towel rack has an IP55 rating, making it water resistant, and suitable to be placed conveniently next to baths and showers. This towel warmer rack is also fast heating and silent.

    With a sleek matte black finish and 7 convenient bars, this heated towel rack is the perfect aesthetic storage solution.

    This electric towel rack has a 3 year warranty, providing you and the end user peace of mind when purchasing this towel warmer.

    Buy these electric heated towel racks online here.

    Our towel warmer racks come in silver and matte black, to suit any bathroom aesthetic. All our electric heated towel racks come in a kit that includes a single switch with a 30 year warranty.

    Buying towel racks online can be complicated, it is hard to decide which style towel warmer rack to purchase just from looking at these towel racks online. Here are some tips to help.

    How to choose towel racks online:

    Number of rungs on towel warmer rack:

    The number of rungs on an electric towel rack depends on how many people will be using the bathroom. A single person household can use our 6 rung towel warmer rack, a couple can use our 7 rung towel warmer rack, and a family or sharehouse can use our 9 rung towel warmer rack; however, the number of rungs on an electric heated towel rack simply depends on the end user’s personal tastes and life.

    Position and mounting methods of electric heated towel:

    The positioning of the towel warmer depends on the layout of the bathroom, but installing the electric heated towel rack within arms reach from the shower or bath is ideal. It is important to ensure that the electric towel rack won't be obstructed, for example by bathroom or shower doors, and that it isn’t too close to anything that could be a fire hazard.

    Our electric towel rails are wall mount towel racks, but can also be placed horizontally and have the towels placed on top, so long as there are no fire or burn hazards underneath.

    Round electric towel rail vs square electric towel rail:

    Square electric towel rails typically suit more modern, geometrically shaped interiors whereas round electric towel rails suit more traditional interiors.

    However, square or round towel warmer racks are mostly dependent on the end user’s personal style and taste.

    You can purchase our towel racks online, call our friendly sales team or visit one of our showrooms.