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Why Choose JH Market Inline Exhaust Fans:

    -    Easy installation
    -    Low noise
    -    Water resistant - IP44 rated
    -    Flex and plugs supplied
    -    3 year warranty

Our in line fans, also known as in line duct extractor fans and remote-mounted fans, are ideal for large homes and apartments that have little or no roof space. Our in line vent fans help the air in a bathroom, kitchen or office get pushed out fast, while being quiet in operation.


Our range of inline fans are axial motor inline exhaust fans that are crafted to push large amounts of air at a low pressure.

In line ventilation fans paired with ducted ceiling fans are great for:

  • Removing contamination such as smells, moisture and dirt from the air, keeping the area hygienic
  • Promoting air circulation
  • Expelling cool / warm air
  • At JH Market, we pride ourselves on offering high quality in line exhaust fans that are the lowest price on the market.

    Our in line duct extractor fans are crafted with a pure copper coil motor, which provides a long lifespan. Our in line exhaust fans also have embedded thermal protection which enhances safety for the end user.

    Our inline exhaust fans pair with our ducted ceiling ventilation fans that are the perfect solution for large homes and apartments that have no roof space. Ducted fans suck the air through the duct and lead it outside. Our in line ventilation fans are great if you need a long line of duct to reach outside, as they push the air out at a much faster rate. In-line fans are great to purchase alongside ducted ceiling exhaust fans for any upcoming apartment jobs to make your customers satisfied.

    All JH Market inline exhaust fans come with a fixing bracket, allowing them to be mounted horizontally or vertically on a flat surface.

    Key considerations when purchasing in line duct extractor fans:

    Noise of in line vent fan

    Our in line ventilation fans are low noise, starting at 46 decibels. According to Yale and Temple University, 46db is a low noise, comparable to a library and quiet suburban area, and 10db lower than a household refrigerator. In line duct extractor fans that are low in operation allow the end user to be more comfortable compared to traditional, loud in line vent fans.

    IP Rating of inline exhaust fan

    It’s important for in line vent fans to have a somewhat high IP rating, as the in line exhaust fan needs to be water resistant in order to effectively push damp air outside. Our in line exhaust fans have an IP rating of 44, making them long lasting and durable for many years.

    Size of fan paired with in line ventilation fan

    It is important to ensure the size of the fan paired with your in line ventilation fan is large enough to sufficiently push the air out of the desired space, through the in line vent fan, and outside.

    Our inline fans come in different sizes for a variety of applications. Shop our inline fans now.