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Why choose JH Market LED linear pendant lights:

  • Long life span
  • Up to 5 years warranty
  • Colour options to suit various applications
  • Wide beam ...

Linear LED pendant lights are attached to ceilings, and are often used in kitchens, above islands or counters, or above long dining tables. Linear pendant lights can also be used in commercial settings, such as offices.

LED pendant lights are an aesthetic and modern way to illuminate your area with bright, evenly distributed light. Linear LED pendant lights have a long lifespan, and are energy efficient, meaning you save money on maintenance and replacement costs, and energy bills. LED pendant lights are also environmentally friendly.

How to choose LED pendant lights?

LED pendant light IP rating

With an IP rating of 20, our LED linear pendant lights are all suitable for indoor use. If you want a linear light that is suitable for workshops or outdoor use, you can check out our LED batten lights here.

LED pendant colour temperature

If you are installing LED pendant lights in an area you want to relax, for example a living room, a linear pendant light with a colour temperature of around 4000k is recommended, as it helps create a warm and ambient atmosphere. If you are installing your LED pendant light in a working environment, then a linear pendant light with a colour temperature of 5000k and above is recommended, as this emits a natural white light, which can help keep you active and alert.

LED pendant light size

The size of your linear LED pendant is important, as you want to ensure it provides enough elongated illumination, without dominating the room. If you have a long area, you can combine multiple linear LED pendants alongside one another to create a longer, single linear pendant. This can be done using linear light joints.

Direction of LED pendant light

There are three main ways to suspend a LED linear pendant light. Suspending it with the light facing downwards is the most conventional, and emits general illumination, for example over a kitchen table. Another option for suspending LED linear pendant lights is to direct the light upwards towards the ceiling. This creates a general wash of light, and therefore creating ambience. The third option for suspending your LED linear pendant lights is to do a combination of direct and indirect illumination, where the areas above and below the linear pendant is illuminated.

LED pendant light mounting methods

There are a variety of options for mounting your linear pendant lights. Suspending your linear pendant light works well above a kitchen table or kitchen island. Surface mounting, which is attaching your linear pendant directly onto the ceiling works for a sleek and clean look, and is great for low ceilings. This can be done by grabbing a linear pendant surface mount accessory. alongside your LED pendant light.

JH Market is proud to be one of the leading high quality, affordable LED pendant light suppliers in Australia. Our LED linear pendant lights can give any home a boost of style and higher quality light, while also saving money on electricity bills.