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Why Choose JH Market Kitchen Range Hoods:

  • Easy to install
  • Removes odours and prevents stains
  • Adds a stylish touch to the kitchen

  • A rangehood is essential to any kitchen. Not only are they required to be installed and signed off for house insurance, but they are great for keeping kitchens sanitary. Wall mount range hoods reduce smells, moisture and staining on walls and ceilings caused by cooking.


    Stainless steel rangehoods are great for any properties, new and rental, and a good stainless rangehood can help raise the resale price of properties.

    Key considerations when purchasing in line duct extractor fans:

    Midea Pyramid Canopy Stainless Steel Rangehood

    This canopy rangehood is crafted with stainless steel, making it easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and well suited to a variety of kitchen aesthetics. This canopy range hood has 3 speed adjustment settings, 2 LED bulbs and 2 aluminum filters. This wall mount range hood offers ducted and recirculated air operation. It has 3 years parts and labor warranty, giving you and the end user peace of mind when purchasing this canopy rangehood.

    Click here to buy this rangehood online:

    Midea Slide-Out Stainless Steel Rangehood

    This wall mount range hood is a slide-out style kitchen range hood, making it perfect for smaller kitchens. Slide out wall mount range hoods are great as once you’re finished cooking, you can push them out of the way and out of sight, making your kitchen look sleeker and more modern.

    This stainless rangehood features twin motors for maximum airflow, and offers a ducted and recirculated air operation. It is front vented and fitted with 4 filters, great for the end user. This stainless rangehood has two speed levels, 2 LED light bulbs, and is crafted with stainless steel fascia panels, making it durable and long lasting. It also means smooth operation for the end user.

    All JH Market inline exhaust fans come with a fixing bracket, allowing them to be mounted horizontally or vertically on a flat surface.

    It can be difficult to buy range hoods online, but this stainless rangehood offers 3 years parts and labor warranty, providing you and the end user with peace of mind when choosing this wall mount range hood.

    You can buy this slide-out wall mount range hood online here

    How to buy rangehoods online:

    There are some key features to look for when buying rangehoods online.

    Noise levels of wall mount range hood

    Rangehoods will naturally produce some noise as they are working hard to remove smoke and smells in the air, however, it is important to limit this noise to provide a comfortable home and kitchen environment for the end user. Our kitchen range hoods operate at a comfortable noise level, and have multiple speed settings to suit a variety of applications.

    Ducted rangehoods vs recirculated rangehoods

    Typically speaking, recirculated rangehoods are easier to install than ducted rangehoods. They also provide end users with the ability to install them in any kitchen layout, as they do not require access to the outdoors. However, recirculated wall mount range hoods are often louder due to their higher fan power, and it can make a space feel more humid, as the moisture in the air is only being filtered and not entirely removed.

    Ducted wall mount range hoods are usually more effective at removing smoke, smells and moisture from the air compared to recirculated rangehoods. Ducted kitchen range hoods also produce less noise than recirculated rangehoods. A negative of ducted rangehoods is that the area it can be installed is limited, as it needs to be placed where a duct system can run the air outside.

    Overall, the layout of the kitchen, and the end users personal style and cooking choices are the main deciders for choosing between ducted rangehoods and recirculated rangehoods.

    Shop our wall mount range hood online today, call us on 1800 000 808 Or visit one of our showrooms.