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Why JH Market Offers the Best Skylights Online:

  • Affordable
  • Smart automation
  • Remote and app control
  • Different modes for reading, dining and nighttime
  • Automatic sunrise/sunset mode
  • Multiple units in one space without weakening structure
  • ...

    LED skylights can be used in different indoor spaces where natural light is unavailable or limited.

    Other locations where LED skylights are commonly used are:

    Residential homes:

    LED skylights can be installed in residential homes to give natural light to rooms that don't have windows, like interior rooms or basements.

    Schools and universities: You can buy skylights to be installed in educational facilities, such as classrooms and other learning spaces to provide natural light.

    Retail spaces:

    LED skylights can enhance the overall retail shopping experience for customers by producing a bright, inviting ambience.


    You can also buy skylights for office buildings. These lights can enhance interior spaces and may help increase employee productivity and morale.

    Hospitals and healthcare facilities:

    LED skylights can give natural light to hospitals' common areas and patient rooms.

    If you're thinking about buying skylights online or in-store, there are several key factors you should consider to ensure that you make the correct choice for your lighting needs. The best skylight may depend on your specific preferences and requirements.

    Here are some important considerations for buying skylights online or in retail stores:

    Roof type:

    You should choose the best skylight for the type of roof you have. There are various options and designs of skylights online that you can purchase.


    Where you place your LED skylight can affect the amount of light that illuminates your space. When buying skylights online, consider the orientation of the room or building.


    The size of the skylight will affect the amount of natural light that enters your space. Consider the size of the room and the amount of light you want to let in when choosing a skylight.


    Make sure to review the warranty offered by the skylight manufacturer to ensure that it meets your needs and provides adequate protection for your investment.

    JH Market offers high-quality LED skylights, like the JinHang 50W Skylight 3060, which provides you with true-to-life lightings, like sunrise, sunsets, and sky blues.

    Are smart skylights the best skylight for you? These types of lights offer a simpler substitute for traditional skylights. These LED skylights imitate light that's very similar to real sunlight and also create a natural sky-blue light.

    These skylights are made from high-quality materials and can be installed embedded or recessed to suit various spaces. They are also great for people who want to avoid the issues that come with traditional skylights, such as temperature control and roof leakages but want the effect of realistic sunlight in their space.

    This LED skylight can be connected to the app Tuya. This app will determine your time zone and can adjust the light's brightness accordingly, for modes like sunrises and sunsets.

    You can also control the LED skylight using its remote control and change the light output to your desired brightness level depending on which activity. For example: dining, reading, and decoration.

    Need help choosing which is the best skylight for your needs? Below are the pros and cons of traditional skylights and our smart skylights.

    Traditional Skylight


  • Illuminates darker spaces
  • Gives indirect solar light
  • Provides ventilation
  • Cons

  • Expensive
  • Can cause roof leakages
  • Can cause interior sun damage
  • Can generate heat gain and loss
  • Smart Skylight


  • Easy installation. No need to create an opening in the roof.
  • Possess smart automation using a remote and app control
  • Have different modes for various activities, like reading, dining, nighttime, and automatic sunrise/sunset
  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides realistic sunlight effect without UV damage
  • Can install multiple LED skylights in a single space without weakening the roof's structure.
  • Cons

  • Consumes electricity
  • Has a fixed design
  • Applications:

  • Apartments and highrise buildings
  • Houses and townhouses
  • Offices
  • Underground areas including car parks and train stations