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Why Choose JH Market LED Oyster Lights

Oyster ceiling lights, also known as moon lights, are a practical way to provide light to a variety of areas in homes.

LED oyster lights are commonly installed in laundries, toilets and outside under eves.

Our customer's favourite LED oyster light:

... KG 24W Dimmable Tri-colour LED Oyster Light-380 x H115 mm

This oyster ceiling light is tri coloured, dimmable and water resistant; allowing it to suit a variety of applications.

Things to consider when purchasing LED oyster ceiling lights: Colour temperature of LED oyster ceiling lights

Choosing a tri colour LED oyster light will provide you with the flexibility to be used for a variety of applications. Tri colour LED oyster lights are also great to keep on hand for any upcoming projects. Our LED oyster lights come in tri colour options that allow you to select from 3000k, 4000k and 6000k colour temperature options. Warm white oyster ceiling lights (3000k) create a calm, ambient atmosphere, great for bedrooms. Natural light ceiling oyster lights (5000k) are great to be installed in bathrooms, as they emit light close to natural sunlight. Cool white ceiling oyster lights (6000k) are a great option for task-focused areas, as the cool white light can help with alertness.

Sensors of LED oyster ceiling lights

Installing LED oyster lights with an inbuilt sensor allows for hands free, easy lighting. This works great in areas such as laundries and small toilets, as you can walk in and be met with illumination instantly, without having to touch any switches. Oyster lights with inbuilt sensors in these areas are great for hygienic reasons, as well as for convenience if your hands are just full.

Wattage and size of LED oyster ceiling lights

It is important that LED oyster ceiling lights provide enough light and spread for the area they are installed in and the task they are installed for. Our LED oyster lights are energy efficient LED's, that provide a high amount of lumens, but while using less watts. These oyster lights also are environmentally friendly and save on energy bills. At JH Market, you can choose from a large range of watts from 12W to 38W for your LED oyster ceiling lights. The size of your LED oyster light is also important, as you want to ensure it provides enough light, but doesn't dominate your area. JH Market offers a variety of sizes for LED oyster lights, suitable for many different applications.

IP rating of LED oyster ceiling lights

Oyster lights with an IP rating of 20 are suitable for indoor use, and oyster lights with an IP rating of 44 and above are water resistant, and are suitable for outdoor areas such as outside under eves. JH Market offers both of these options for oyster ceiling lights. Choosing LED oyster ceiling lights that are water resistant will provide you with the flexibility for indoor or outdoor use.