Emergency & Exit Lighting

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At JH Market, we supply a comprehensive range of emergency exit lighting, including:

  • Emergency exit blades
  • Spitfire emergency lights
  • Emergency battens
  • Emergency spotlights
  • Emergency floodlights
  • ...
  • Emergency bulkheads
  • Emergency oyster lights
  • Emergency track lights
  • Our extensive range of emergency and exit lighting provides electricians, essential services maintenance personnel, facility managers and building owners with a superior and more cost effective alternative to other brands. We feature high quality, yet affordable brands of emergency exit lighting including Emerex, FairyLUX and LAE. Majority of our emergency exit lights are compatible with existing installations and brackets, so they are quick and easy to retrofit.

    LED Emergency Lights - Running Man

    We provide a large range of running man emergency exit lighting, including:

  • A variety of sizes: slim emergency exit lighting, wide emergency exit lighting and jumbo emergency exit lighting
  • Different mourning options: wall mount LED exit lights, surface mount LED exit lights, recessed LED exit light and suspended LED exit lights
  • Optional arrow directions and no arrow options
  • Weatherproof options
  • Self test kit options
  • Quick fit options
  • Different colour choices - standard green and black options
  • No matter what environment, we’re sure to have an LED exit light to suit your job!

    Spitfire Emergency Lights

    We supply a variety of spitfire emergency exit lights including:

  • Recessed spitfire emergency lights
  • Surface mounted spitfire emergency lights
  • Black and white colour options
  • Square and round options
  • We also supply spitfire emergency lights that come with a self test kit so you can easily keep up to date on the safety of your installations.

    One of our best selling spitfire emergency lights are the Emerex Standard Recessed Spitfire Emergency Lights. These emergency exit lights are compact, have low energy consumption, come complete with flex and plug cables, use advanced lithium batteries and are non-maintained. These spitfire emergency lights are designed in accordance with AS/NZS2293 and meet the D40 emergency classifications. These powerful LED emergency lights come with a disk that can be installed into any ceiling cavity.

    These spitfire emergency lights have a lifetime warranty on the LED lamp from the manufacturer. These LED emergency lights are perfect for all indoor applications including offices, residential spaces and shopping centres.

    These LED emergency lights can also be safely installed outside with our Surface Mounting Box for Spitfire Emergency Lights. With its IP65 rating, this box for spitfire emergency lights provides your LED emergency lights great protection from harsh weather, so no matter the application, you’re providing a safe environment. Its strong PC cover makes this box durable and long lasting.

    Shop the Emerex Standard Recessed Spitfire Emergency Lights here.

    Shop the Surface Mounting Box for Spitfire Emergency Lights here.

    Emergency LED Battens

    Our range of batten emergency exit lights have a variety of options including:

  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Sensors
  • Weatherproof
  • 2ft, 4ft and 5ft
  • 20W, 40W and 60W
  • Some of our emergency LED battens also include self-test kits.

    Shop our emergency LED batten lights here.

    We supply a range of emergency exit lighting accessories, including LED Emergency Lighting Self-Testing Kits, with our popular ones being the LAE and Emerex kits. We also have a price beat guarantee, so if you find comparable emergency exit lights cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 10%!

    You can shop our entire range of LED emergency lights online, in store, or over the phone by contacting us on 1300 000 808.

    With our comprehensive range of high quality emergency exit lights, you’ll be provided with a higher rate of return on your investment through years of reliable emergency lighting.