LAE 2.5W-5W LED Emergency Kit Self-testing 10-90V Output

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- Emergency kit with self-motion testing, used for connecting driver of led lighting.
- For LED Lighting with driver rated: output voltage10-90Vdc
- SELV for output voltage
- Plug-in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
- Non-maintained operation
- 1.5h - 3h rated duration
- Compatible with all dimmable and non-dimmable constant current LED driver
- Automatic shutdown of output if the LED load is out of range
- Constant power output, output current self-adjustable
- Electronic charge system
- Deep discharge protection
- Short-circuit-proof battery connection
- Open-circuit-proof
- Polarity reversal protection for the battery
- With Self-testing

More Information
Product BrandLAE
DimensionsL199mm x W55.2 x H24.5mm
Body ColourWhite


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