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Why Choose JH Market Downlights:

    LED downlights are a fantastic option for those looking to make interior spaces sleeker and more modern. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, with some providing general illumination and others specialising in task lighting, such as a pantry light. LED ceiling downlights are a great alternative to pendant lighting, especially if you have low ceilings; and are easy to install and cost effective, with savings on energy and maintenance bills.


LED downlights are often dimmable, allowing you to easily control your lighting at night. LED downlights can also come in many different colour temperature options.

One of our most popular LED ceiling downlight:

JinHang 10W LED Downlight Tricolour 7-Year-Warranty 90mm Cut-out
  • 10 Watt, >80 Lumens
  • Flicker Free
  • Dimmable
  • Tri Colour (3000k, 4000k & 6000k)
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan
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    JH Market is proud to be one of Australia's leading LED downlight suppliers and LED downlights wholesalers, with LED downlights suitable for residential and commercial use. We offer a variety of sizing, all easy to install, allowing you to retrofit your LED Ceiling downlights. Many of our LED downlights are flicker free, dimmable, and have tri-colour options, making them suitable for different needs. Our LED downlights come in varied styles, for example recessed, which can reduce glare and are suitable for a variety of applications. As we are an LED downlights wholesale store, we also have bulk LED downlight options for those who have big upcoming projects, or just want to keep some LED downlights on hand; and our LED downlights can come with up to 7 year warranty and labour warranty . Our LED downlights have all these benefits while being at a competitive price, and never compromising on quality.

    Considerations when purchasing LED ceiling downlights from an LED downlight supplier: LED Colour temperature:

    Depending on your desired space for the LED ceiling downlight, it's important to consider what colour temperature will look best. If it's a bedroom or living room, a warm white LED downlight (3000k) will create an ambient atmosphere, whereas if it's a study, a natural white (6000k) LED downlight can help you stay alert and focused. This is why tri colour LED downlight options are great, as they are versatile, can be kept on hand and can be used in a variety of applications.

    LED Downlight Wattage:

    There are now energy-efficient LED ceiling downlights that produce the same amount of lumens, without using as many watts. This allows your LED downlights to produce great light, while also saving on energy bills. At JH Market, you can choose from a large range of watts from 6W to 50W for your LED downlights.

    LED Downlight Size and style:

    Having the option to purchase different sized LED downlights from a wholesale LED downlight store allows you the option to retrofit your LED downlights. Having different sizes and styles on hand can allow you to include the extra task of fitting an LED downlight into your customer's home when necessary.

    Flicker free:

    Having LED downlights that flicker can cause eye strains and headaches. Even some LED downlights that claim to be flicker free start to flicker once dimmed. Our wholesale LED downlights have high quality, flicker free and dimmable options, at a competitive price.