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Why buy LED mirror lights at JH Market:

  • Tricolour & dimmable options
  • Non-shattering glass
  • Plug and play
  • Warranty backed
  • Adheres to Australian safety standards
  • ... Our extensive range of LED mirror lights includes:

  • Backlit LED mirror lights
  • Standing and wall mount LED mirror lights
  • Anti fog LED mirror lights
  • LED tunnel mirror lights
  • Digital display LED mirror lights
  • Bluetooth connect LED mirror lights
  • You can buy LED mirror lights in store, online, or even via the phone by calling us on 1300 000 808.

    What size LED mirror lights are best for bathrooms?

    Your personal taste and style, as well as the practical components can influence what size LED mirror lights are best for your bathroom. Unlike other areas in homes, your bathroom mirrors have the most function and practicality, as they’re often used for daily tasks including brushing teeth, grooming, shaving, applying makeup and more. Backlit bathroom mirrors can also make the space feel larger, but a backlit bathroom mirror that’s too large can also dwarf a small bathroom.

    At JH Market, you can buy LED mirror lights in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your style and space. You can also call us on 1300 000 808 for free advice on what shape and size LED mirror light will best suit your project!

    What are backlit LED mirror lights?

    Backlit LED mirror lights use light behind the mirror and are great for many reasons! Backlit LED mirror lights light up the face, making it easier to view yourself in the mirror, create a sense of depth, and can add an extra layer of elegance to a bathroom. Backlit bathroom mirror lights are often lit up by LED striplights behind the mirror. At JH Market, our backlit LED mirror lights have inbuilt LED lighting and are plug and play, so they’re quick and easy to install.

    Shop our range of backlit LED mirror lights here.

    Backlit bathroom mirror lights vs standard mirrors

    Backlit bathroom mirror lights are great if you want light directly on your face when looking in your mirror, but you don't want hanging or Hollywood style lighting disrupting your bathroom style. Backlit bathroom mirror lights are more expensive than standard mirrors as there is more technology and parts involved in backlit bathroom mirrors, such as the LED lights, anti-fog features, and testing and certifying the electrical components to ensure they’re safe to use.

    What are LED tunnel mirror lights?

    LED tunnel mirror lights, also known as infinity or illusion mirrors feature many LED lights that give the illusion of almost infinite depth.

    LED tunnel mirror lights act more as decorative lighting compared to functional lighting. Therefore, LED tunnel mirror lights are perfect to be paired with other LED mirror lights for a better reflection. Because of their more decorative nature, LED tunnel mirror lights are not limited to just being backlit bathroom mirror lights, and can therefore be installed in bedrooms and other areas of home.

    LED tunnel mirror lights are ideal to be installed at eye level for optimal visuals.

    Shop our LED tunnel mirror lights here.

    What are anti fog LED mirror lights?

    Anti fog LED mirror lights can help to light up your face and make your daily tasks easier. If you shower before your daily tasks, you know how frustrating it can be not being able to see yourself in your mirror. Anti fog LED mirror lights are a perfect solution to this as they’re ready to use with the touch of a button right after a shower or bath thanks to their innovative fog removal function.

    Shop our anti fog LED mirror lights here.

    How to look after LED mirror lights?

    To ensure the longevity of your LED mirror lights and to keep you safe, it’s suggested to clean your LED mirror lights using a damp cloth and warm water. It’s recommended to not use any abrasive chemicals or cloths that could scratch or damage the LED mirror lights. It’s also recommended to avoid cleaning the back and sides where the LED lights are attached to prevent electrocution and damage to the LED mirror lights.

    This process is also suitable for anti fog LED mirror lights.

    Why are backlit LED mirror lights so expensive?

    At JH Market, we pride ourselves on keeping our prices as low as possible. We do this by getting our LED mirror lights direct from the manufacturers and cutting out the middle men.

    Because the LED mirror lights we supply are crafted using the highest quality materials, the cost to make them is higher, and these prices are passed onto you. Although we offer low priced LED mirror lights, we don't skimp on quality. Our LED mirror lights are trialled and tested to ensure they adhere to Australian safety and quality standards.

    If you buy LED mirror lights from us compared to many brands who sell comparable products at a much higher price, you’ll be able to keep your margins high.

    Buy LED mirror lights online right here, visit one of our showrooms, or call our friendly team on 1300 000 808.