LED Highbay Accessories

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JH Market carries a full range of LED highbay accessories, including:

  • PIR and MIC sensors
  • Milky diffusers
  • Remote control for sensors
  • Frosted PC covers for LED highbays
  • Lens for LED Highbays
  • Highbay brackets ...
  • Our wide range of LED light accessories gives electricians, maintenance personnel, building owners, and facility managers high-quality and cost-effective alternative products.

    We feature products that are made from great quality but affordable brands of LED accessories, such as JinHang, LiteLighting, BQ, and FYTLED. Most of our LED highbay accessories are fast and easy to retrofit and are compatible with existing installations.

    One of JH Market's LED accessories the FYT Remote Control for Sensor Highbay is used to finely tune the highbay sensor's settings after installation from the ground.

    Another LED light accessory is the FYT PIR Sensor.

    This is a motion sensor that's used to dim lighting from low to high depending on movement. This sensor is designed to be installed inside the bottom of the light fixture's body.

    This LED highbay accessory can provide three levels of light: 100%, dimmed light (when natural light is not enough), and off.

    There are also two periods of waiting time you can choose from: motion hold-time and stand-by period.


    • Power supply 12V-24V DC, >50mA
    • Dim control output 0-1 OV, max. 25mA sinking current
    • HF System 5.8GHz±75MHz
    • Transmission power <0.2mW
    • Detection radius 20%/50%/75%/100%(1-Sm)
    • Mounting height Max 50ft.(15meters)
    • Time setting 1 0s/1 min/5min/1 0min/15min/20min/30min/60min
    • Lioht-control 24H/1 0LUX/30LUX/50LUX
    • Temperature -4 °F- +140°F <-2o·c - +so·c1
    • IP rating IP65

    Another one of JH Market's best-selling LED highbay accessories is the milky diffuser.

    A milky diffuser is a LED light accessory that's used for highbay lights made with a semi-transparent material that has a cloudy or milky appearance.

    These LED accessories are created to change the distribution of light in a highbay light fixture. Once a milky diffuser is attached to a highbay fixture, it scatters the light in various directions, which produces a softer illumination.

    These LED highbay accessories can also decrease glare and produce an even distribution of light—enhancing the ambience and visibility of the space.

    Diffusers are made from different materials, like glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic. These LED accessories come in different shapes and sizes to fit various highbay light fixtures.

    Variations of the Milky Diffuser:

  • JinHang LED Highbay V3 Accessory - Milky Diffuser for 100W, 150W, 200W LED Highbay
  • Lite Lighting LED Highbay V3 Accessory - Milky Diffuser
  • FYT 60D Lens for 200W LED Highbay is a type of LED light accessory that is used to modify the beam angle created by highbay light fixtures.

    A 60D lens has a wider beam angle than other kinds of lenses, so the light can spread over a bigger area. These LED accessories are usually used in factories, warehouses, and gymnasiums.

    Another LED light accessory is our FYT Frosted PC Cover for 100W & 150W Highbay.

    These frosted covers have a matte or frosted finish, which can diffuse the light and produce a softer illumination.

    These LED accessories are useful for the aesthetic appeal of areas, as they can create a more uniform and attractive appearance. They also remove the "hot spots" that usually occur in direct and harsh lighting.