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Why Choose JH Market LED Tube Lights: ​
  • Inbuilt starter
  • Sensor and dimmable options
  • Environmentally friendly and energy saving
  • User friendly
  • ...

    LED tube lights, also known as polycarbonate LED can be mounted onto ceilings, walls or suspended, wherever the bare batten is. LED tubes can be installed in a variety of spaces, including garages, car parks, offices and bus stops. LED tube lights alone have even been used as cinematography and photography lighting solutions.

    Our customer favourite polycarbonate LED:

    JinHang 25W LED Tube with Integrated Sensor 1500mm 6000K

    This LED tube light comes with an inbuilt sensor, and smart functions that allow for self adjustment on:

  • Time delay - 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes
  • Standby luminance, full off or shimmer
  • Sensing distance, 3-5m, or 8-10m
  • This LED tube light can help you save time on jobs and installation. The versatility of this polycarbonate LED can suit a variety of applications due to the self adjustment technology, and therefore can be bought from an LED tube light supplier and kept on hand for any upcoming projects.

    This LED tube light will also save time on inventory stocking as it has multiple functions, however will only take up one SKU code, the code that is assigned to products to internally track stock.

    You can purchase this LED tube light online visit us in store, or call our friendly sales team.

    Things to consider when purchasing LED tube lights online:

    Size of LED Tube Lights

    The size of your LED tubes are important as you want to ensure it fits into the desired space, while providing sufficient lighting that doesn't overpower the area. It’s also important to consider maintenance costs. Buying a LED tube light online in a size commonly sold by LED tube light suppliers means it’s easier and cheaper to replace when needed, as the LED tubes are more mass produced and therefore easier to source.

    Colour Temperature of LED Tube Lights

    Our polycarbonate LED’s come in a variety of colour temperature options that suit different applications.

    A 3000k LED tube emits a warm white light, which can help create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

    A 4000k LED tube light emits a neutral white light, and is perfect for task-focused and working environments.

    A 5000k LED tube has a cool white light, and is also great for installing in task-focused areas, as well as for security purposes.

    A 6000k LED tube emits a light that is close to daylight, and is great for working environments, as well as areas where you want to imitate natural sunlight, for example to showcase a product’s colours.

    Lifespan of LED Tube Lights

    When purchasing LED tubes online from an LED tube light supplier, it is important to look at the lifespan of the LED tube. Our LED tubes have a minimum lifespan of 30,000 hours, meaning less call backs and less money spent on constant installation.

    When purchasing your LED tubes online, it is important to shop from a trusted LED tubes supplier that can offer you a reliable, high quality polycarbonate LED. At JH Market, we offer a lowest price guarantee on our LED tubes online, and our products exceed industry standard quality. Our LED tube lights are also recyclable, unlike old fluorescent tubes, that need to be properly disassembled and taken to local recycling centres to avoid ending up in landfill.

    You can purchase our LED tube lights online, visit us in store, or call our friendly sales team.