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Why Choose JH Market TV Antenna Accessories:

  • High frequency coverage
  • Hills antenna designed and made in Australia
  • Warranty backed
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    A customer favourite TV antenna accessories:

    DIGILOGPLUS UHF / VHF Combination Log Periodic Digital Antenna

    This uhf antenna is leading in both quality and price. It has passed the 216 hour salt spray test to ensure durability in seaside areas and is RoHS compliant. This salt spray test simulates over 10 years of life, meaning this uhf antenna is built to last. This uhf antenna can be horizontally or vertically mounted for your convenience. This uhf v antenna is evenly balanced across all channels and has no balun, making it perfectly matched to the signal. This uhf antenna is small and lightweight, saving you from the extra costs of additional hardwares. Some parts are foldable making it easy to install. This uhf antenna also has no ghosting issues as it locks on to the strongest signal available.

    This uhf antenna locks the correct satellite everytime and instantly responds to changes in single, so the end user won't have to wait.

    This uhf antenna is suitable for most residential spaces, including urban, suburban, seaside, and semi-rural. It is also backed by 5 years warranty to provide total peace of mind.

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    JH Market offers the latest in TV aerial accessories, supplying only the highest quality brands, including Hills antennas.

    A customer favourite Hills antenna:

    Hills TRU-MAX 36-4G UHF Antenna Phased Array WISI

    This Hills tv antenna is a high quality phased array uhf antenna and is designed for true HD performance. It features a Boomlock™ manufacturing technology that is used to secure elements. This Hills antenna has a 4+UHF operation, 4G filtering and has channels 28-51.

    This Hills tv antenna is crafted with aluminium for corrosion resistance and has an ultrasonically sealed balun making it incredibly reliable. It is strong and enduring of the harsh Australian climate, while also being lightweight and compact for easy installation.

    This Hills tv antenna is designed and made in Australia, to ensure it is long lasting through Australia’s harsh climate. You can check out our other range of Hills antennas here, and can get assistance choosing the right Hills antenna using the Hills Antenna Selector.

    This Hills antenna comes with a warranty of 5 years for peace of mind for you and the end user.

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    How are Hills tv antenna accessories made?

    For over 50 years Hills tv aerial accessories are known for their high quality TV reception technology. Hills antennas are designed and made in Australia, making them perfect for our harsh environments.

    Hills tv antennas use tru-digital line which combines the computer controlled, robotic assembly and innovative boom-lock manufacturing technology. Hills also conducts a large amount of research and testing in order to create high quality tv aerial accessories. For example, Hills antennas use computer aided design and go through vibration and water tests.

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