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Why choose JH Market plug leads:

  • SAA compliant
  • 2 core and 3 core options
  • Flat and round options
  • Warranty backed

  • Our popular flat power lead

    JQ 2 Core Flat Black Plug Leads

    These 2 core plug leads in black are our popular flat power leads that seamlessly fits into any application. These 10A plug leads are slim, durable and flexible, and are perfect to be used with any power tools, as they offer a strong current load capability. These plug leads are made with premium quality PVC jacket material and have a fine stranded copper worse inside. These power leads are warranty backed and SAA certified.

    These flat flex leads are available in black and grey.

    Shop the 2 core flat black plug leads here.

    Our popular round power lead

    JQ 3 Core Round Black Plug Lead

    These are a moulded 3 pin, 10 amp plug on a 1200mm H03VVH2 -F 250 flexible cord. These power leads are crafted using high quality PVC and are SAA compliant. These flex leads also come with warranty protection. These power leads are perfect to be used with a variety of power tools as they offer a strong current and load capability. These power leads are insulation stripped for easy connection and installation.

    These round power leads are available in black and grey.

    Shop the 3 core round black plug leads here.

    It can be difficult choosing flex leads online. Below are some tips to help you determine if a flex leads supplier is reliable.

    Flex leads supplier has a physical store

    A power leads supplier that has their own physical store means you can visit the store to see the power leads in person. This can help you determine if the plug leads are of a high quality and suitable for your job. A physical store can also help give legitimacy to a store as you know you’re not getting power leads shipped from overseas that could take months to arrive.

    JH Market has stores that stock plug leads across Australia and New Zealand, and we are constantly expanding. Check out our store locations on our website! You can come into any of our showrooms to check out our flex leads in store.

    Supplier has relevant certifications for you flex leads

    Seeing if the power leads you’re looking at have relevant certifications can be helpful in deciding whether they are safe and high quality. Relevant certifications can be making sure they’re relevant to your area of work, for example, if you're working in Australia, making sure the products meet Australian safety standards is ideal. Certifications that are done by independent bodies means that the products will have been tested by an unbiased organisation.

    Some companies also conduct in-house testing of products. In these instances, it’s great to ensure they’re tested in Australia and meet Australian safety standards.

    At JH Market, many of our products, including power leads are tested by companies such as UL, RoHS and SAA. We also conduct in-house testing at our dedicated test lab in Altona.

    Flex leads supplier has positive reviews

    Checking a plug leads supplier’s reviews on their website and Google are a great way of determining if the flex leads you’re looking at on the screen are of a high quality in real life. Customers that review JH Market products, including power leads, are often tradies and therefore have a great understanding of our products, and some customers also include images of our products in action.