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LED floodlights are outdoor lights that create an intense and broad beam of light. These outdoor LED flood lights are usually used to light up large areas like parking lots, building facades, landscapes, and stadiums.

Meanwhile, sensor flood lights are outdoor LED flood lights that are equipped with a motion sensor. This type of outdoor LED flood light automatically turns on once it detects movement within range.


You can buy LED floodlights with motion sensors for safety and security purposes. These LED floodlights can help notify homeowners of any suspicious activity around a property or deter possible intruders as they can help discourage potential intruders.

Sensor flood lights are usually used outside homes or driveways. However, they can also be used in commercial areas like warehouses or parking lots. These LED floodlights can also be used in places without any constant lighting, like dark streets or alleyways because they can increase visibility and decrease the risks of accidents.

How to choose LED floodlights

Picking the right LED floodlights for your needs can be overwhelming because of the various options that are available in the market.

Here are some features you can consider before you buy LED floodlights:

Colour Temperature:

LED floodlights can come in different colour temperatures. Some produce a warmer, yellowish light, or a cooler, bluish light. You should buy LED floodlights depending on your lighting needs.

Beam Angle:

This factor determines how wide light spreads. Consider a beam angle depending on the area you need to illuminate. A wide beam angle is best for lighting up a larger area, while a narrow beam angle is better for lighting up specific objects.

IP Rating:

Outdoor LED flood lights are usually exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you should buy LED floodlights that are suitable for the harsh Australian climate.

Here are some common areas where LED floodlights can be used:

  • Outdoor lighting: Outdoor LED flood lights are can illuminate parking lots, building facades, and other big outdoor spaces.
  • Industrial lighting: Floodlights can also be used in industrial settings like factories or warehouses, as directional lighting is required for certain tasks.
  • Sports lighting: LED floodlights can also light up sports fields, such as football fields and tennis courts.
  • Security lighting: You can buy LED floodlights as added security lighting for houses, businesses, and other properties.
  • Stage lighting: LED floodlights are usually in stage lighting. They can create vivid and bright colours, which can be adjusted to produce various lighting effects.

Browse through our huge range of LED floodlights to find the right lighting solution for your individual needs.

JH Market supplies high-quality and durable LED lighting products specifically designed for the harsh Australian weather.

Our best-selling JinHang 30W LED Floodlight V7 illuminates various outdoor areas.

This LED floodlight can decrease your electric costs by 50% compared to traditional light bulbs. It is also made of high-quality aluminium with good heat dissipation performance that can prolong the lifespan of the bulb.

Warom 30W LED Floodlight with Motion Sensor IP65 6000K 110D is a sensor flood light that's made with quality materials like high-quality graphene, which provides good heat dissipation and a longer life span.

This sensor flood light also has a "SUN" sensor that works during the day and a "MOON" sensor that works only at nighttime. You can also set a timer for your sensor flood lights, from 7 seconds to 14 minutes.

These floodlights also have an adjustable sensitivity to motion, which can detect humans up to 12 metres away.

You can also choose from three mounting methods, on the wall, on the ceiling, or on the floor.

Additional Information:

  • PIR sensor
  • 3000lm±10%,
  • IP65 Rating
  • 110 Degree Beam Angle
  • Cable line length:2m, without plug
  • Perfect Lighting solution, with 3 motion sensor modes: TIME, SENS and LUX
  • Excellent brightness
  • 110° range of motion
  • Sensor boats with an incredible 180°horizontal and a 90° vertical range
  • High sensitivity sensor
  • High luminous flux

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