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Why Choose JH Market Data Cabling Tools:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for network and telephone wiring
  • Heavy duty body construction
  • ...

    It is important to ensure you are using high quality data cabling tools at work. For any job, long lasting and durable data tools are great as they don’t need regular replacing, and therefore in the long run save money on having to repurchase data tools. Having high quality data tools can also improve efficiency and quality of work.

    All data tools supplied at JH Market are perfect for every sparkies collection. We are determined to fulfil our customers' needs, safety and comfort when it comes to data cabling tools. Below is a deeper dive into three of our popular data tools.

    Matrix Ratchet Rj11/Rj12/RJ45

    This ratchet is a high quality cable crimping tool that is perfect for crimping 4, 6 and 8 way modular plugs. This data tool has a built-in wire stripper to ensure precise cutting for all jobs. This data tool is crafted from heavy duty materials, is durable and long lasting.

    Matrix Krone Style IDC Punch Down & Matrix 110 Punch Down Tool

    Our punch down tools are great for network and telephone wiring. Our Krone Style IDC Punch Down wordsyouwanthyperlinked tools come with a combination hook and spudger ends for easy wire removal and user friendly installation. Our punch down tools are crafted with high quality and robust plastic to ensure its longevity. Our Krone Style IDC Punch Down tools also have an integrated, spring loaded blade that automatically cuts off excess wire to ensure smooth operation for every job. Our IDC punch down tools are high quality and provide reliable wire snipping and punch down.

    Our Matrix 110 Punch Downtools are impact termination tools for patch panels and jacks. These punch down tools have a 110 blade, are durable and long lasting, and seamlessly insert and cut cables. These punch down tools have an impact absorbing grip that is cushioned for your comfort and protection. These punch down tools also have an inbuilt impact mechanism and a turnable body for ease of operation.

    High quality data cabling tools are important as they can provide extra safety and comfort for the user. Our data tools ensure the electrical safety of the end users. We also offer data tools that come with cushioned, impact protection grips that support the users hands and wrists. This is great as extended use of data tools without protections such as these can result in bone and muscle fatigue and other issues.

    If you have your own business, it is important to provide high quality data cabling tools to protect your staff, and if you’re self employed, it’s important to keep yourself safe and in workable condition.