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Why choose JH Market for your PVC electrical insulation tape:

  • Environmentally friendly (Lead Free)
  • Does not deteriorate after use
  • High-quality material, providing reliable insulation
  • Great for colour coding
  • ...

    At JH Market, we supply a range of PVC electrical insulation tape, with multiple colour and pattern options available, including red, white, blue, black, yellow and more, so you can easily colour code to keep track of your tasks.Our PVC electrical insulation tape that comes in a pack of 5 allows you to choose between all black, all blue, or mixed coloured PVC electrical tape, so you can purchase whichever roll of PVC insulation tape that suits you best.

    Our PVC electrical insulation tape is great for providing important insulation for your electrical wires, cords and other electrical items. Our PVC electrical tape is crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure good protection against abrasions, water, rips and tears. This means our PVC insulation tape protects your electrical wires from water, corrosion and further damages on spliced wires.

    Our PVC insulation tape is environmentally friendly as they are made without lead, which many PVC electrical tapes on the market still use. With our updated and improved formula, our PVC electrical insulation tape has great adhesion and won't deteriorate after prolonged use.

    Our PVC insulation tape is versatile and multifunctional, and can therefore be used for all kinds of wiring projects. Because of its strong design, our PVC insulation tape can be used for both indoor and outdoor jobs, as they have been tested to last.

    Our PVC electrical tape is designed and tested in Australia, guaranteeing it will remain resilient through the harsh Australian weather, and ensuring our PVC insulation tape adheres to Australian safety standards.

    Using PVC electrical insulation tape depends on each user and project. However, here is our suggestion of the easiest way to use PVC electrical tape for broken electrical wires.

    How to use PVC electrical insulation tape:

    1. Ensure that the area you want to adhere the PVC electrical tape to is clean, dry and free from oil, dust and other debris.

    2. Align tape so that it lies centred on the join.

    3.Apply the PVC electrical tape, ensuring the tape does not wrinkle or fold up against the area of application.

    4. Wrap the PVC tape around the wire, ensuring you cover the entire damaged area.

    5. Apply firm pressure as you apply the PVC electrical tape.

    If possible, apply PVC electrical tape to joins with solid, firm backings, for example studs. Alternatively, you can use timber. This allows you to achieve firm pressure when your PVC electrical insulation tape is installed.

    Our PVC electrical insulation tape is not suitable for areas that require mechanical fixing, or if there is extreme stress or pressure.

    Our PVC electrical insulation tape is just as strong and durable as others currently on the market, but at market leading prices.

    You can shop our PVC electrical tape online here, visit one of our showrooms, or call our friendly sales team on 1300 000 808.