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Why choose JH Market offers the best disposable masks online:

  • High protection and bacterial filtration
  • Universal sizing with adjustable nose bridge
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Quick delivery and pick up options
  • ... How to choose the best disposable masks

    Multiple sizing options of disposable face masks

    When looking for disposable face masks online, it can be more convenient to purchase disposable face masks for the whole family in one place. Whether you need disposable face masks for work, travel or other, you can get universal adult and kid sizes right here at JH Market. We offer disposable face masks online for both adults and kids that offer high protection against airborne contaminants including dust and allergen particles.

    Shop our adult disposable face masks online here.

    Shop our child disposable face masks online here.

    Thickness & quality of disposable face masks online

    The best disposable masks offer protection against airborne contaminants while being comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    Our face masks are among the best disposable masks on the market today. They are 3 ply and offer protection against airborne contaminants such as dust and allergen particles.

    Our disposable face masks are also hypoallergenic and latex free.

    For ultimate comfort, our disposable face masks have an adjustable nose bridge piece and are made with high quality materials to be soft and breathable.

    Quick delivery of disposable face masks

    If you need disposable face masks urgently for work, travel or anything else, it can be important if you’re buying the face masks online to ensure they arrive quickly. At JH Market, we offer premium and same day delivery options which can get your face masks to you fast! We also offer click and collect if you live near one of our showrooms.

    To learn more about our delivery options for our disposable face masks online, click here.

    To learn more about click and collect for our disposable face masks online, click here.

    How to use our disposable face masks

    1. Hold up the disposable face masks coloured side facing outwards

    2. Bring the disposable face masks up to cover your nose and mouth

    3. Secure the disposable face masks by placing ear loops around ears

    4. Adjust the disposable face masks to a comfortable position while ensuring it remains covering your nose and mouth, adjust the nose bridge piece to fit securely

    If you’re helping a child put on their disposable face masks, follow the instructions above and ensure you pinch the nose bridge gently.

    Our disposable face masks are single use only. It’s suggested to replace the disposable face masks after 8 hours of continuous use to ensure the best protection. You should also combine wearing the best disposable masks with safe hygiene practices, such as washing your hands thoroughly.

    Shop the best disposable masks right here, call us on 1300 000 808 or visit one of our showrooms. With our price beat guarantee, if you find comparable disposable face masks online, we’ll beat it by 10%!