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Why Choose JH Market LED Globe Lights:

Our LED globes are great to keep on hand for any last minute projects that come up. Our LED globes are made from high quality materials and manufactured with care, while being at market leading prices. ...

We offer a variety of options for our LED globes online, with varied colour temperatures, watts, globe and base options. Some of our LED globes are also dimmable. This means our LED globe light bulbs can suit all applications.

Purchasing LED globes online can be difficult, below is our LED globes range.

Our LED globe light bulbs range: We offer many base and globe options for our LED globe light bulbs.

Our LED globes base options include E27 and E14, a standard Edison screw in, B22, and B15, a bayonet base, and GU10, a push and twist base. Our globe options for our LED globe light bulbs include G70, G60 and G55, a standard round globe, C37, a candle shape, perfect for decorative globe pendant lights, MR16, a halogen style globe, and P45, a large round LED globe, also great for decorative globe ceiling lights.

These LED globes come in packs of 5 and are an excellent, cost effective way to upgrade your old lighting to LED globe light bulbs.

LED globe ceiling lights are an ideal replacement for old halogen lights, as LED globe ceiling lights use less energy, while emitting much more light.

How to choose LED globe light bulbs? LED globe wattage:

It's important for LED globes to provide the correct amount of brightness depending on the task they are used for. For ambient lighting, low wattage globe pendant lights is suitable, whereas for task lighting, for example reading, an LED globe lamp of a higher wattage may be more suitable. There are now energy-efficient LED globes that produce the same amount of lumens, without using as many watts. This allows your LED globe light bulbs to produce great light, while also saving on energy bills. At JH Market, you can choose from 5.5W to 15W for your LED globe light bulbs.

LED globe colour temperature:

Warm LED globe pendant lights (2700k) help create ambience, and are great for living rooms and bedrooms. Soft white (3000k) LED globe lamps are also great for these areas, providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Natural light LED globe ceiling lights (4000k) are great for bathrooms as they emit light close to real sunlight. Natural LED globe ceiling lights are also great to install in areas you work or study, as natural light can help you stay alert and active.

LED globe size:

The size of your LED globe ceiling lights is important as you want to ensure your LED globe light bulbs fit into your space and provide sufficient lighting, without dominating the area.

It is important to buy your LED globes from a reliable LED globe wholesaler, as buying high quality LED globe light bulbs means a longer life, and less issues, meaning you save money on constantly purchasing replacement LED globes, saving you money in the long run.

LED globes are a great, cost effective and energy saving lighting option.

You can shop in store, over a call with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team, or you can purchase our LED globes online via the JH Market website.