KG 6 Bars Electric Heated Towel Rack Chrome Round 650×500×110

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- Stainless steel
- Waterproof and rust resistant
- Surface mount
- Easy to install
- 6 round bars
- Warranty backed

More Information
Product BrandKG
Dimensions650 x 500 x 112 mm
Net Weight2.8kg
Warranty3 Years
Body ColourChrome

This towel rack is made from 304-grade stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant, easy to clean and long lasting.

It has an IP55 rating, making it water resistant, and suitable to be placed conveniently right next to baths and showers. It also is fast heating and silent.

This heated towel rail helps keep towels and bathrobes dry, warm and comfy. It also helps to eliminate odors, keeping the bathroom smelling refreshing and clean. As well as preventing towels from getting mouldy and smelly.

With a brilliant chrome finish and 6 convenient round bars, this heated towel rack is the perfect aesthetic storage solution.


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