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Government Grants for Small Businesses 2022 - Blog Banner

Government Grants for Tradies 2022

JH Market has compiled the key takeaways that may affect our tradies, business owners and their families with the recent federal government budget announcement for 2022-2023. This will also include current initiatives that you may find useful.

23 days ago
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China’s Covid Outbreak to Cause Stock Delays and Availabilities

With a recent outbreak of Covid-19 in a northeastern province in China, factories have been ordered to shut down, and tens of millions of citizens are in lockdown. Due to China’s zero-Covid strategy, closures are occurring across China to contain the virus. 

The restrictions in China are likely to cause delays in stock across the lighting industry in Australia, as many businesses in the affected areas have been closed.

2 months ago
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Port strikes will cause delays nationwide

Port strikes to cause delays across Australia

Strikes will take place nationwide on ports against Australia’s leading container terminal operator, Patrick. There will be work stoppages in Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle for 12 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout October . 

8 months ago
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Electrical Trade Price Increases

Shop Smart and Avoid Electrical Trade Price Increases

Are you one of the growing number of sparkies noticing the increase in your monthly account invoice, even though your ordering the same amount of electrical gear, or less? Receiving price increase notifications from a lot of your regular wholesalers?

Electrical trade price increases are here and are already affecting you, whether you know it or not.

8 months ago
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