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NECA and JH Market Partnership

NECA x JH Market Exciting New Partnership

JH Market is excited to improve the future of the electrical industry with a new partnership with NECA Victoria, the largest industry body that represents the interests of electrical and communications contractors across Australia. 

Win more jobs and improve your margins with NECA Victoria and JH Market. 

4 months ago
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Account Manager

Account Managers

JH Market provides access to dedicated Account Managers - watch the quick video to find out more. 

8 months ago
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Click and Collect

Click and Collect

At JH Market we make ordering easy. You can collect your available items from your chosen warehouse within 5 minutes, read this blog to find out how!

8 months ago
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Labour Warranty and $15k Account Terms with JH Trade+

Access $600+ of benefits, free shipping, exclusive discounts, early accesss, free sample kits and more. Not conviced? Read our blog to learn more about Trade+.

8 months ago
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