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Zip Business Trade Plus FAQs


What is Zip Business Trade Plus?

Zip Business Trade Plus is a safe, simple line of credit that allows you to buy now and pay later for all your business needs. Zip Business Trade Plus offers credit limits between $3,000 and $150,000, always with an interest free period.


How does Zip Business Trade Plus work?

Apply once and we’ll give you a decision within 24 hours during business hours. If approved, you can use your account immediately to purchase wherever you see Zip at checkout.


What are the fees associated with Zip Business Trade Plus?

There are no fees if you repay any Zip Business Trade Plus order by the end of the month after purchase.

If you choose to extend your repayments over 4 monthly installments, you pay a 3% extension fee. If you have multiple orders outstanding, you can choose to pay off some within the first month, and to extend others over 4 months.

There is a late fee of $25, calculated monthly, if you don’t pay the minimum amount by the due date. We may charge you a bank dishonour fee to cover costs involved if a payment is rejected due to insufficient funds or incorrect details.

We do not charge application, setup or establishment fees, annual fees, paper statement fees, account closure fees, credit limit increase fees, or any other hidden fees.


Who can apply for Zip Business Trade Plus?

To be eligible to apply for a Zip Business Trade Plus account, you need:

  - To have an active ABN or ACN

  - 6+ months in business

  - More than $5,000 in monthly sales


How to receive the $100 cashback from Zip?

  - Sign up to Zip Business Trade Plus Account

  - Get $200 or more of your gear at

  - At checkout, choose Zip as payment method. The cashback offer is only available on your to Zip Business Trade Plus account

  - The cashback will be credited to your Zip account within 14 days of the transaction being processed

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