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Why choose JH Market for your timer switches:
  • 96 switching segments
  • Quartz controlled
  • Shortest switching time: 15 minutes
  • Timer switches come with power reserve
  • ...

    Here at JH Market, we supply a range of high quality timer switches. We supply analogue timer switches and digital timer switches, with power reserve, pins and din rail mounted options. At JH Market, you’ll be able to find timer switches suitable for any job.

    Our most popular digital timer switch:

    Theben Digital Timer Switch. Din Rail Mounted

    This digital timer switch from Theben has DuoFix spring terminals, permanent ON/OFF switching, PIN coding and automatic summer and winter time changeover for user friendly installation and operation. This electric timer switch has a 10 year power reserve thanks to its lithium battery and programming by app is possible.

    This electrical timer is a digital time switch with weekly program. This electrical timer switch’s operating voltage is 230 V AC, and its ambient temperature is -30 °C … +60 °C.

    You can shop this Theben digital timer switch online here, or visit one of our showrooms located across Australia. For more information, you can view the data sheet on this electric timer’s page, or call our friendly sales team on 1300 000 808.

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    It is important to choose the best timer switches for each job. The type of timer switches you should use depends on the connections you want to make in your circuit. Timer switches are usually grouped by the way they operate, but timer switches can also be grouped by their application.

    Below is a closer look at the different types of timer switches we currently supply at JH Market, including the benefits and drawbacks of each of the timer switches.

    Analogue timer switches

    Analogue timer switches have a 24 hour dial that, controlled mechanically, will move as time passes. When the dial reaches the pin on the timer switch, the light will come on and stay on until the mechanic moves to the next pin on the dial. Analogue timer switches usually last longer and can handle more electrical loads than digital timer switches, however, analogue timer switches typically come in more bulky boxes that are less suited for residential spaces than digital timer switches.

    Digital timer switches

    Digital timer switches, also known as plug-in timer switches and electrical timer switches usually have a memory function that allows the time, individual or multiple, to be set for a specific period within 24 hours. Electrical timer switches are great as they allow you to have multiple timers set, so you can tailor it to any job.

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    DIN rail timer switches

    DIN rail timer switches are controlled by a timer that only switches on when needed. These timer switches can be used for lighting and irrigation automation in commercial spaces or factories. DIN rail timer switches are energy saving, which is great for the environment and can help you cut costs on electricity bills.

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    Our electrical timer switches work well with our range of electrical items.

    Shop our electric timer switches online, visit one of our showrooms, or call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 1300 000 808 during business hours.

    If you see comparable analogue timer switches or electric timer switches for less, with our price beat guarantee, we’ll beat it!