UV Lighting

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Why Choose JH Market UV Lighting:

  • Strong disinfectant made from the latest technology
  • Safe to use
  • User friendly
  • Sleek black designs
  • What is UV Lighting:


    UV lighting, or ultraviolet light, emits electromagnetic radiation. Measured in nanometres, it’s wavelengths are shorter than visible light, and therefore cannot be seen by the human eye. UV lighting is known for killing germs, making the areas it cleans a sterilised environment.

    A research paper on UV light for air disinfection says ‘“there is a long history of investigations concluding that, if used properly, UVGI can be safe and highly effective in disinfecting the air, thereby preventing transmission of a variety of airborne infections”.

    What Can UV Ultraviolet Lighting do:

    UV lighting can purify and sterilise the air by killing off germs such as bacteria and viruses. It can also help to reduce odors in the space it operates in.

    Our customer favourite UV light disinfection lamp:

    LYL Portable Air Purifier Black 63x63x175

    This LED ultraviolet light is a great UV lighting option as it is lightweight and portable. It can be used to clean the air in a variety of smaller spaces including the home, car and office. This UV light lamp comes in a sleek black design, making it a practical, yet stylish solution to air purification and sterilisation.

    This UV light disinfection lamp is also environmentally friendly and comes with warranty protection.

    Our UV ultraviolet lighting products are created by manufacturers that specialise in air sterilisation and purification. Some of these UV LED lamps are being used in over 380 hospitals worldwide, making them a reliable choice for home cleanliness.

    Our UV light disinfection lamps are safe, reliable and user friendly.

    To protect yourself, ensure you are not in the area while the UV LED lamp is turned on. Place the UV light lamp in the area you want to sterilise using the button or remote, then leave the area while the UV LED lamp is in operation. It is important to not look at the LED ultraviolet light while the UV lighting product is turned on to protect your eyes.

    A Key Consideration When Choosing UV Light Lamps:

    Size of UV Lighting:

    The size of the LED ultraviolet light depends on the size of the area you want to purify and sterilise.

    A small UV light, such as our portable UV light is ideal for spaces that are 3-5 square metres. This UV light is perfect for small rooms and cars. A larger UV light such as our folding type UV disinfection desk lamp and UV germicidal lamp are ideal for spaces that are 40 square metres and under. These UV lamps are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and even retail stores.

    Our UV ultraviolet lighting products work hard to kill germs, which can have negative effects on your health. Our UV lights make the air in your space cleaner, which can help you live a healthier life.