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Over 8000 licensed electrical & professional trade businesses purchase from us.

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Our sales channels include Online, Showroom and Phone based channels.

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We have helped many new suppliers enter the Australian Market and achieve growth. We take care of sales and partner with you to provide industry insights so you can scale effortlessly!

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We are a trusted Australian Marketplace for lighting and electrical products that has built a base of loyal customers over 20 years of operating, with new customers added daily.


This trust has been built by providing high quality products that meet Australian Standards, available exclusively through JH.Market. To do this we work very closely with our supplier partners, assisting them to first set up operations, then ongoing support with product and pricing design to ensure competitiveness and fill gaps in the market. This results in wider choice at competitive pricing for our customers and sales growth for our partners.




Through our website, your products and brand are exposed to thousands of customers (tradespeople) and end consumers of the products every month, generating greater awareness of and utlimately growth for your business. 

 Our extensive Radio Advertising, SEO and SEM and Direct Marketing, as well as our expert team of Account Managers all actively help educate customers on your product portfolio and increase your marketshare.