PSA Wireless Controller for Lifesaver 6000 Series Smoke Alarms

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- Wireless controller for 6000 series smoke alarms
- Remotely test, hush and locate smoke alarms
- Single button operation
- Locate initiating smoke alarm during an alarm event
- Memory feature to identify an activated smoke alarm

More Information
Product BrandPSA
Dimensions59 x 79 x 22mm
Body ColourWhite
Warranty2 Years

The PSA Lifesaver 6000THL smoke alarm controller allows compatible Lifesaver 6000 series smoke alarms to be conveniently tested, hushed and located, as well as offering a memory feature and status indication.

This smoke alarm controller is wireless, and provides homeowners with a more convenient method to identify which smoke alarm has activated, easily silence alarms and promote regular testing of smoke alarms

This smoke alarm can control the Lifesaver 6000DCW wireless 10-year smoke alarms and is also capable of controlling 6000 & 6000RL model smoke alarms when the units are mounted on 6000WB wireless bases. This smoke alarm remote control can be portable, used with a mounted holding bracket, or unit can be fixed to wall.



- Corridors
- Kitchens
- Living rooms
- Garages
- Bedrooms


- Airports
- Stations
- Hospitality
- Department stores
- Offices


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