Infinite Dry Contact Switch

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- Retrofit to any compatible doors, gates, windows, or blinds 
- Push notifications for fully open garage doors 
- Live status of doors and gates (open/closed) 
- Child-lock safety feature to prevent any accidental manual over-ride 
- Access logs  

More Information
Warranty3 Years
Body ColourBlack
VoltageAC 100-240V

Infinite Automation has developed a world-class, Australian certified home improvement device that is tested and proven to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and durability.

The Infinite Automation’s Dry-contact Switch will automate any application that requires pulse switching (dry contact) such as garage doors, self-opening gates or even farm loading docks.

The Infinite Automation smart home system can save time and increase productivity, as you don’t need to spend extra time walking to and from areas to simply open a gate or door, allowing you more time to spend on important tasks.

How automation works

Operate everything from your smartphone or web browser without affecting existing switches or remote controls. Even when installed, all switches and remotes are still fully functional. This smart hub system is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.

This smart home system’s live monitoring displays your power usage with detailed data reports delivered directly to you through email. The app has been made specifically for this device so it’s extremely user friendly, allowing you to have quick favourites and smart groups that guarantee a seamless experience every time.

Mobile Application Features:

The automated home system offers complete control of power switches anytime, anywhere.

This smart home system can be installed indoors and outdoors, however when installed outside, it must be in a protective box. It is important that the home automation system is installed in a water and fireproof box, that can reliably protect the system. Our Mecca adaptable weatherproof enclosure boxes come in small, medium and large sizes and are water and fireproof. They are easy to install, long lasting and durable.



- Garage doors
- Gates- Windows
- Blinds


- Irrigation
- Drainage
- Feeding
- Fertilizing


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