Emerex Surface Mounted Spitfire with Self Test

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- D40 emergency classification
- Advanced lithium batteries
- Autonomous self-test technology
- Non-maintained operation
- Low energy consumption
- Designed in accordance with AS/NZS 2293

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

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VoltageAC 230V
Dimensions260mm x 55mm x 160mm
Warranty3 Years
ComplianceAS/NZS 2293, AS/NZS 60598, RCM
Body ColourWhite

The Emerex Surface Mounted Spitfire is a low maintenance, versatile and reliable emergency lighting solution. It is easy to install and bright in emergency situations when it is needed the most.

This emergency spitfire comes with Emerex Self-Test system that automates the periodic discharge tests specified by AS/NZS 2293.2 by simulating power disruption to the general lighting supply every 6 months. This is convenient as there is no need to manually disconnect lighting circuits at the switch board, and the test results (pass or fail) are reported via the yellow Status LED indicator.

The robust surface mounted enclosure offers compatibility with a wide range of solid surfaces such as concrete and brick. This emergency surface mounted spitfire is suitable to be installed in a variety of indoor spaces such as offices, shopping centers, commercial properties and residential buildings.

Emergency classification:

C0 – D40

C90 – D40



- Airports
- Stations
- Hotels
- Shopping centres
- Bars and restaurants
- Offices
- Car parks
- Stadiums


- Industrial facilities
- Manufacturing


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