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Established in 1996, Yiyun began as one of China’s biggest providers of surge protection products for the Chinese Railway Association. It quickly became a leading provider of LED and energy saving lights in the Australian market through the JinHang Lighting brand. Within the competitive Australian market there was something missing, suppliers were importing products with too many middle men. This became an opportunity for JinHang to differentiate itself by being both the manufacturer and the distributor. JinHang strategically built up manufacturing capability in China and through extensive research and hard yards on product development and innovation, created a suite of products made from the highest quality materials to meet Australian standards.
Combining 20 years of experience in Australia, Jinhang is determined to give customers value for money through finding the right balance between high quality products and market leading prices. Several years later, the JinHang Lighting brand was launched in Australia, bringing the concept to life.
Through JinHang, trade customers have access to market leading prices with the highest quality products, supported by a world class sales and service team. Giving direct service as if buying from a Chinese manufacturer, without a language, geographic or cultural barrier. We have 2 showrooms in Moorabbin (VIC) & Albion (QLD) with a dedicated sales team selling JinHang products direct to trade. Our products can be dispatched or picked up at one of three warehouses, located in Moorabbin (VIC), Altona (VIC) and Albion (QLD).

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