Established in 2001, Foshan JQ Electronic and Electrical Co., Ltd., supplies JH Market with high quality plugs.

JQ products are tested and certified by many different independent bodies, including UL, SAA, CE and CCC. UL labs is a leading independent body in the US who has a strong focus on safe, high quality and sustainable products. SAA is an Australian independent body, who’s certification ensures that electrical products comply with Australian safety requirements.

The JQ plugs come in round and flat styles, with two and three core plug options.

All plugs have a strong current load capability and have fine strand copper wire inside, which provides great conduction and is extremely flexible.

JQ plugs are great for replacing old, worn out cords or for extending power cables. They are great to keep on hand as well, for any spontaneous projects.

Brand Overview

Founded: 2001


• Plug Lead


Certifications & Standards





Note: Please refer to datasheets for individual product certifications