10/9/2020 Update
  • The Victorian Government has fast-tracked planning approvals for nearly $1 billion of construction projects to help the state's economy recover from COVID-19. 

  • The State Government has also approved more than $100 million in planning permits for changes to existing developments. 
  • "Victoria's building and development sector is a key driver of our economy and these projects signal our commitment to give this industry the support it needs to make it through to the other side of the pandemic," Treasurer Tim Pallas said in a statement. 

  • A government task-force will continue to assess and fast-track projects over the next 12 months, based on their capacity to protect and create jobs.

7/9/2020 Update

This weekend a 4-stage plan to ease restrictions on lockdown was introduced. Industry restrictions will be defined by a category system being closed, heavily restricted, restricted, and open with a COVID safe plan.

Stage 1

As of 11:59PM on September 13th, Melbourne Metro Construction will sit in the ‘Heavily Restricted’ category, whereby some of the current restrictions will be eased. Restrictions applicable are:

-          staff can only attend work if permitted.

-          a density quotient must be applied

-          reduced staff levels

-          no carpooling to work

-          ensuring the proper use of masks and any other additional PPE in the workplace

-          ensure adequate PPE training and supply

-          auditing of cleaning schedules

-          asking staff to declare in writing or electronically before each shift that are free of symptoms, have not been in contact with a confirmed case and have not been directed to isolate

-          ensuring that staff members are not working across other work sites (exceptions apply)

Stage 2

Melbourne Metro Construction move to ‘Restricted’, when the later of the below occurs:

September 28th or Daily average cases of 30-50 state-wide over the previous 14 days

Restrictions applicable are:

-          a density quotient must be applied

-          some sectors allowed to lessen the reduction in staff levels

-          no carpooling to work

-          auditing of cleaning schedules

-          asking staff to declare verbally before each shift that are free of symptoms

-          limit number of staff members working across other work sites

Stage 3

Melbourne Metro Construction Open with a COVID Safe Plan, when the later of the below occurs:

October 26th or Daily average cases state-wide:

  • Average less than 5 cases state-wide over previous 14 days, and
  • Average less than 5 cases state-wide with an unknown source over previous 14 days

Restrictions applicable are:

-          applying a density quotient for some settings (could be reduced over time)

-          ensure staff follow current public health directions when carpooling

No change was mentioned to the construction sector beyond the 26th of October.



4/9/2020 Update

Work on a small-scale domestic building site before base stage and after fixing stage is not construction work for the purpose of limits on the number of workers and number of sites per week.


For small-scale construction, the restrictions and the term ‘construction activity’ is applicable from after the Base Stage to completion of the Fixing Stage (so this is the frame stage and Lock-up stage) .


This means that the five worker per site and three sites per week rules do not always apply for the work before the base stage is completed and after the fixing stage is completed.


Base Stage Definition

In the case of a home with a timber floor, the stage when the concrete footings for the floor are poured and the base brickwork is built to floor level;


In the case of a home with a timber floor with no base brickwork, the stage when the stumps, piers or columns are completed;


In the case of a home with a suspended concrete slab floor, the stage when the concrete footings are poured;


In the case of a home with a concrete floor, the stage when the floor is completed;


In the case of a home  for which the exterior walls and roof are constructed before the floor is constructed, the stage when the concrete footings are poured;


Fixing Stage Definition

The stage when all internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, built-in shelves, baths, basins, troughs, sinks, cabinets and cupboards of a home are fitted and fixed in position.


Electrical work such as preparing underground services and installing temp builders poles will no longer count towards the site limits.


Employers must continue to minimise the movement of workers between sites and workers.


Employees must continue to keep records and make declarations about site visits if they work for multiple businesses.


This update recognises the fact that at the commencement and finishing stages of small-scale domestic building work there are usually less than five workers needed at a site, the site visits are generally made in isolation from other workers, and they last for a short time.




2/9/2020 Update

Each industry will be grouped into four "traffic light" style based on Likelihood of outbreak and economic contribution.


The Premier is working through the detail with each industry bodies and more detail will be revealed on Sunday the 6th


We here at JH Market will keep you updated as soon as we have any information! 


7/8/2020 Update

We are still open here at JH Market. Altona is open 8:00AM-4:30PM, and Moorabbin is 8:00AM-5:30PM, we are offering free masks to Victorian customers, pop in and pick them up or we can organise shipping for you. We still have our contactless delivery and pick up in place and we are still offering our 60 day returns and free storage for gear in our warehouses.


New restrictions for construction sites

-  All worksites must have a COVID plan in place & keep it updated
-  No more than 1 worker per 4m2
-  No carpooling to or from worksites
-  Workers must inform employers if they share accommodation with someone from another high-risk site
-  Must limit movement between sites and observe enhanced PPE and hygiene measures if working between sites




Small construction sites

-  Sites must be limited to 5 works plus 1 supervisor at any time
-  Movement of workers between different sites must be limited where possible and only with appropriate guidance
-  Supervisors and Specialist (sparkies)  trades can move up to 3 sites per week


Large construction sites

-  Only 25% of the usual workforce can be on site. All personnel count towards the 25% except for staff specifically dedicated to oversight of COVID safe functions in the workplace
-  Project lifecycle commences from the date of on-site mobilisation and ends at handover. Specialist trades, engineers and equipment that need to move between sites can visit no more than three sites per week


What is considered Large?

-  More than 3 storeys
-  Larger than 1,500m2
-  Any office or reatail fit-out or;
-  Industrial, large format for retail use


What is the definition of a worker?

-  Workers refers to people working on a site including, but not limited to: owners, managers, employees, contractors, workers on labour hire and security.It does not include workers undertaking emergency repairs and maintenance
-  It does not include staff specifically dedicated to oversight of COVID safe functions in the workplace e.g. workers doing additional cleaning of high-touch points or overseeing the implementation of COVID safe practices



You can find the full write-up and details at the Business Victoria website at the link below




4/8/2020 Update 

As of the Wednesday the 5th of August our Victorian locations will remain open to support our tradies, but our showrooms will not be open to the general public. Our Moorabbin Showroom is open 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday and Altona is open 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Free masks are available so please call or drop by to secure some. Contactless pickup and delivery is available by ordering online or calling 1300 000 808

We are all in this together Victoria, stay Safe!