Port strikes to cause delays across Australia

Port strikes to cause delays across Australia
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Nationwide strikes likely to cause shipping delays across Australia.

Strikes will take place nationwide on ports against Australia’s leading container terminal operator, Patrick.There will be work stoppages in Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle for 12 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout October . 

Patrick said the Melbourne terminal will be impacted, resulting in significant delays due to the work stoppages. This means delays in containers being unloaded from ports, and therefore impacting the supply chain across the industry. This may cause months of delays in receiving electrical gear, furniture, toys and more. 

MUA Assistant National Secretary Jamie Newlyn says that these port strikes are in response to wanting better job security, and stated that they are trying to limit impact on the public, and are quarantining the issue with Patrick. 

However, according to freight companies, the strikes are, and will continue causing major stress for retail companies, that have already been suffering from months of lockdowns, and will disrupt international supply chains


What does this mean for you?

Since the strikes will slow the process of unloading containers from ports, they are likely to cause further delays in getting your electrical gear. 

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