Emerex Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emerex Emergency & Exit Lighting
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Australia's building owners are becoming more aware of the importance in ensuring that their emergency lights remain fully functional. In accordance with AS/NZ 2293.1 and the Building Code, exit and emergency lighting needs to be serviced every 6 months or else they will no longer meet compliance standards.

JH Market’s comprehensive range of Emerex Emergency and Exit Lighting provides electricians, essential services maintenance personnel, facility managers and building owners with a superior and more cost effective alternative to other brands, such as Clevertronics. 

Emerex products harnesses synergies between advanced nanotechnology lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, high performance 100K LEDs, practical product design, and intelligent microcontroller-governed power supplies to deliver low cost of ownership, ease of installation, long-term reliability, and increased safety. The features and benefits included in Emerex products provided a higher rate of return on your investment through years and years of dependable emergency lighting.

Emergency Lighting

The entire Emerex emergency lighting range is compatible / similar in design, footprint, and technology to all our competitors. Just like how JinHang LED downlights, battens and floodlights are compatible with others in the market.

For example:

1) The MRX-EMRD and MRX-EMRD63 recessed emergency downlights have adaptor plates to suit cut-out sizes between 70 to 150mm. This makes it compatible with ALL other competitor recessed emergency downlights as they all vary between these cut out sizes.

2) Other surface mounted fittings such as MRX-EMSMD (surface mounted emergency downlight), MRX-EMWP122 (4ft LED Emergency WP Batten), MRX-EM330C (Circular Emergency Oyster Light) are all a common shape.

One important thing to note about Emergency Lighting is, it is not just about price and similarity in physical appearance, but emergency lighting performance. The concept of emergency lighting revolves around having a baseline light output under emergency conditions (loss of mains power). Therefore, it is illegal to replace an existing emergency light with an inferior / under-rated emergency light because the coverage / performance of the fitting is longer compliant. The infographic below explains it in a simple way.

Basically, the larger the classification, the larger the light spread. A 'D40' cannot be replaced with a 'D25' otherwise it may not sufficiently cover the entire area. Luckily, our products have best-in-class classifications that can be used to replace other equivalent products.

Emerex Emergency Lighting

Exit Signs

Both the MRX-EXQF and MRX-EMWPW exit lighting are directly compatible with competitor products (same mounting bracket).


Emerex Exit Signs

Other Exit Signs such as MRX-EXRB (Recessed Blade Exit), MRX-EXBC (shoebox ceiling), MRX-EXBW (shoebox wall) and MRX-EXSC (economy exit) have mounting brackets that are of a similar footprint (so no need to run extra cables / conduits, no need to repaint walls, cut out larger holes etc). However, they are not directly compatible with other brands.

Why Emerex?

Emerex has created products for every emergency and exit lighting application. All Emerex’s ‘One Box Solution’ exit signs come complete with a diffuser pack containing all variations of the Running Man pictogram, so they can be tailored to suit the style of any area of application. Emerex’s products use high performance LED technology, come in a variety of mounting options, are low energy consumption, and can be single or double sided for a variety of applications.

The Emerex emergency and exit lighting range provides a plethora of products to keep you safe, no matter what the application. Their range consists of universal emergency battens, emergency oysters, weatherproof IP-rated emergency bulkheads, emergency spotlights, emergency lighting test switches, emergency track lights, and more.

With JH Market’s lowest price guarantee, you can purchase an Emerex lighting product risk free, and allow yourself to save money on your emergency and exit lighting solutions while installing an equal, if not superior quality product. 

So, the next time you undergo emergency lighting maintenance in buildings with existing emergency lighting, or if you get an opportunity to fit out new buildings with a particular brand specified in the project, why not give Emerex a go?


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