Sports Lighting


With Proprietary Glare Free Illumination our outdoor and indoor sports lighting LED lights are suitable for

  • Stadiums & commercial sporting arenas

  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports facilities

  • Schools, Shipyards and construction

  • DoT’s & Parking lots.

With Enhanced Glare-Free Illumination and various Beam Spreads, JinHang Provides Crisp Illumination, avoiding any Visual Discomfort.

JinHang's LED Lighting produce the Ideal Distribution and Beam Angles for Variety of Flood Lighting applications, while saving you up to 70% in Energy use compared to Traditional Lighting.

Our LEDs delivers Simple, Smart and Easy-to-use Sports Lighting Solutions that provide Advanced Functionality, Versatility and Operational Efficiency.

Switch to jinhang and see the difference.

Explore our range of outdoor sports lighting below